Back in the 60’s and 70’s, it was Spacewar vs Pong :P. Everyone was almost forced to choose a side, It was a war that everyone was forced to fight in, no one apparently couldn’t be neutral in the matter.

Now the present console market is dominated by two brand names: PlayStation and Xbox. They both are continually vying for dominance. With every generation of consoles, we see new developments in technology and services as both companies struggle to win the upper hand.

So here is the big question that is on everyone’s minds. What can we expect from Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox 2 aka Project Scorpio?

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Xbox 2 vs. Sony PS5: Rumours

PlayStation versus Xbox both trying to win its own battles and every generation the battle continues. Each system tends to borrow pieces of technology from one another, but they also bring their own secret weapons to the table with each passing generation. The future consoles, the PlayStation 5 hasn’t been confirmed yet. The Xbox 2 has made an appearance under the code name “Project Scorpio.” Microsoft is taking a bold step forward, while Sony is playing their cards close to their chests.


Sony PS5 Rumours and leaks:

Looking at technology in the field of virtual storage, we saw that the PlayStation 5 will be equipped with a hard drive as large as twenty-five thousand gigabytes! This kind of storage would be plenty to hold the massive games releasing on the system. In addition, this storage would eliminate the need for physical discs.

When the PlayStation 5 releases, we will also have general access to a new type of optics technology known as Light Peak. This lightning fast internet will be able to download data at a rate of one hundred gigabytes per second! Digital downloads will be playable almost instantaneously.

Playstation 5, PS5, Sony PS5

With new forays happening today in the field of virtual reality, the time of the PlayStation 5 will be heralded with virtual reality that is sleek, immersive, and intuitive. PlayStation has always been at the forefront of gaming with the latest graphics and the PlayStation 3 introduced the first completely 3D compatible system.

Knowing this, it is apparent that Sony has a clear and concise vision of a gaming system that once again will revolutionize the way we play games. With PlayStation 5, you will be submerged into the world of your games with fully 3D virtual reality that you can take with you on the go. The line between the real world and the game world will blur until the differences are no longer apparent.

On this blog, we are covering everything about upcoming Sony PS5 console. So, you can check more details of PS5 from below links:

Microsoft Xbox 2 aka Project Scorpio

Microsoft’s press conference was one that will go down in history. During this presentation, they confirmed the existence of an Xbox One Slim. This new system has a few new features, but ultimately is the same as an Xbox One.

The final announcement of their show was the one that turned heads. Xbox President Phil Spencer took the stage and teased a new console. He promised that this will be “the most powerful console ever made.” A few specs were mentioned like 8 CPU cores, true 4K resolution, and VR compatibility.

project scorpio, xbox 2, xbox 2 comparison

Phil Spencer said this new console is meant to remove the barriers that exist between innovation and technology. He promised it would contain the most powerful graphics processor every put into a console. It certainly sounds impressive, and it’s clear that Microsoft is tired of being looked down upon as having the inferior machine. After the teaser and release date of holiday 2017, the experts at digital foundry went to work putting together their own potential Project Scorpio specs.

Here’s what they came up with:

  • CPU: Eight cores of overclocked Jaguar processors from AMD or equivalent
  • GPU: 56/60 GCN compute units at 800-850MHz
  • RAM: 12GB of GDDR with 320GB/s bandwidth or more

Impressive to be certain, but as they delved into these specs, it became clear that either Microsoft is going to back down on some of their promises, or they have the means to get more power out of this hardware than a PC equivalent.

For starters, the 6 teraflops of processing power aren’t enough to power a native 4K experience.

Since the PS4 Neo development kits have already gone out, Sony can’t change the specs drastically on their upgraded PS4 console. They could potentially overclock the system’s processor, but going on rumors of the system’s specs, it’s not out of the question to say that Project Scorpio will indeed be more powerful than PS4 Neo.

Even if that’s the case, Sony has such a huge lead this generation, they CAN afford a few years to polish up the PS5 and come out with something that crushes Microsoft’s console.

It has been said that competition is healthy for the consumer because it forces competing manufacturers and developers to innovate and push the envelope. This has been seen time and time again in the continued console wars. The PlayStation 5 will undoubtedly continue Sony’s steadfast focus on creating rich and immersive gaming experiences. Movies and music will follow, but gaming will always remain their focus.

Even so, the competition between these two titans of the industry will forever push the limits of what it means to be a gamer, and we can all agree that is, in and of itself, a victory for all. Here we have a short comparison video of PS4 and Xbox One, do subscribe to our channel if you liked it:

After what happened with the PS4 vs the XBox One what do you think will happen next? Share your thoughts below.

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PS5 vs Xbox 2 [Project Scorpio]: Comparison & Rumours

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  • March 5, 2018 at 11:52 pm

    The xbox one x or scorpio… Is NOT an xbox 2, its an upgrade. The xbox 2 will launch around the same time as ps5, so scorpio/x comparisons to ps5 are utterly pointless…. Theyll be different generations


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