WWE 2k22 Release Date, Roaster, Price, and Specs: So today we’re going to talk about the most grossing game of all time, as we all are eagerly waiting for this game for a long time because this game has changed all our childhood, isn’t it amazing? It’s pretty amazing if I say so myself. In recent times games like PUBG and Fortnite as made their own fanbase. However, those two are some of the most exciting strategy games full of action we have ever seen. Again, Wrestling has its own fanbase. World wrestling federation has been with us since we were born and however, it’s been more than two decades that they have started making video games in WWE. So we know that they won’t stop making this game anytime soon cause it has flooded the whole world with entertainment.

WWE 2k22 Release date:

Farewell, WWE 2k22. After the disastrous launch of WWE 2K20, publisher 2K has seen fit to cancel this winter’s officially branded grapfest, making this the first calendar year since 2000 where there will be no WWE sim released. That was a big setback for wrestling fanbase.wwe 2k22 rumors

WWE 2K22

This is the thing that we’ve been waiting for a very long time cause after playing WWE 2k20 everyone was asking for their new version, more updated and filled with new characters, however, there has been no official announcement yet. Although all we have to do is wait and watch for the next series to be released

However, rumors had it that the series will launch sometime in October 2021.

WWE 2k22 Features and Gameplay:

The WWE 2K series has been in existence for almost two decades, which clearly defines that it has been going on with a lot of changes since the first time it has been made.

However, the first couple of games and found a much simpler way of playing like grappling or striking moves.

So as time goes by the series has found many more mechanics that would make the game look more realistic and bring it more and closer to its actual counterpart.

WWE 2k20 showed us some pretty realistic things in terms of gameplay, therefore the most significant one being the in-match rollout, which allows the player to move outside the ring in the middle of the fight to allow itself get some time to have counter moves and which in turns involve other brawlers to come outside the ring and brawl for a while.wwe 2k22

Gamers quite like to make this acquaintance in real life wrestling into games so in order to make it work they made this series look like a lot more flesh and blood, however, these won’t even matter if the excitement of fighting outside the ringwork, so, all in all, there aren’t many changes in the new WWE 2k22 game.

In our opinion, we don’t know for sure what the makers are thinking to put some more elements in this series which would allow them to sell this game at a higher price, at this point we know for sure that they have at least a year span of time remaining for them to put some interesting thing in this series. So we can only assume that there are a lot of ideas summing up which they cannot implement in the upcoming titles due to having less than 12 months to work to be done.


Graphical Upgrade:

Gamers’ wish list includes a lot of things but this part is on top of everyone’s list because, for any game, realistic graphics is the most important thing. However, for WWE 2k22, there is a graphics upgrade that allows you to see more flesh and blood which looks pretty much real.wwe 2k20 release date

The previous games in the series have long been plagued by the lack of smooth graphics detailing and lifeless animation. However, 2k20 came pretty much closer to any predecessors but there’s still a lot of room for improvement especially if we compare it with other sports games.

Game Engine Upgrade:

It refers to increasing the gameplay efforts to a higher up-gradation. Once the makers increase the game engine this series will perform better as compared to other series.

Like the gameplay of WWE vs Smackdown’s gameplay was slow and lacks a lot even the online multiplayer modes lack from the same problem.

wwe vs smackdown

Although we understand the lagging of the game as they were engineered a long time ago and at that point in time there were no game engines like we have nowadays.

So it’s high time that the makers have took for an improved engine for the upcoming wrestling game WWE 2k22.

However, the game coming every year slows the thinking process to figure out a more interesting feature that would astonish the gamers.

WWE 2k22 Rumours:

Rumors have it that this year the cover picture of this series will be our legend“The Undertaker”, now that’s pretty amazing if I say so myself because we’ve been watching him since we have been watching the world wrestling federation. We may saw him many times with other players on the cover but seeing him solo on the cover is still a wish of many.

The Undertaker confirmed that he would not return to the ring, later WWE on Twitter confirmed that he is not returning and expressed there Thanks for The Undertaker, however, he got pretty convinced that he’s going to come into the ring this new 2k22 series.undertaker retirement

WWE 2k22 Pre-order & Bonus characters:

The WWE2k22 bonus characters are the player which is not been added in the previous series, this time the buyers have the opportunity to buy their own favorite players, so only these pre-ordered players will be available for this series and some of them passed away wrestlers are also included in the pre-booking list.wwe vs smackdown

2K Sports has all rights for releasing this game. However, right now they haven’t given any notification for fans. But as per the expectation, we all are looking forward to October 2021 as WWE 2k22 game.

WWE 2k22 Price:

wwe 2k22 price

Currently, the WWE2k20 game is one of the hottest wrestling games, and available at just $19.99 USD for PS4, $39.99 USD for PS3. The upcoming 2k22 WWE price is expected to fall in between $59.99 – 99.99 USD for the initial release. It’s going to come for high-end gaming consoles like PS5, Xbox Series X and will also have compatible versions as well.


So all in all this game has yet to add many other elements that would allow us to spend our money rightfully.

Developers have found many features including players that were not there in the previous series. So hopefully this time we’ll be seeing some great gameplay, players, and unlimited fun. For now, we are waiting for the release of this amazing game. We are going to bring all the latest news and updates of the WWE 2k22 game here. You can subscribe us by clicking this red bell icon, we will update you with more details in the coming days. Also if you have anything to say about this game, feel free to leave your feedback by commenting below.

WWE 2K22 Roaster, Price, Release date, Features and Trailer

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