Sony PlayStation Release Date and PS5 Price: Recently we have found some interesting news about the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console. Actually, now have most of the most promising PS5 design concept. However, rumors are on their peak. Sony PS5 release date is not that far from here now. Sony has been the most out-and-out brand that brought PlayStation in markets about twenty years ago. As per official statistics, Sony has sold more than 100+ million units of PS4 at Q3, 2020. Since then gaming has got a new synonym Playstation! PlayStation is the leading game console that is a video game device that connects to a TV.

PS5 Rumours: Sony may announce its next gaming console sooner. As per the latest leaks and data from gadgets world, we can see another giant PS 5 gaming console in Holiday 2020. Although Sony hasn’t confirmed anything about its plans. But as we have seen a huge upliftment in PS4 sales during the BlackFriday event, from then a bit downstream in sales. Sony has further reduced the price to give boosts to its sales. Well, in terms of the number game, PS4 has already broken all the sales records in recent years. So, it will be exciting to see when will Sony PS5 comes out! Here we are going to talk over the PS5 Price and release date rumors. So, let’s start. 

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The buzz in the tech-savvy arena is about the PlayStation 5 that is soon going to be launched by Sony. PS5 is going to bring some stupendous and matchless gaming experiences for gaming enthusiasts. It has not been revealed yet as to what are the miraculous specs of PS5 but Sony has got its very much deserved buzz.

A little Impression of PS 4 – PlayStation 4

Playstation 5

For knowing about what’s coming up is way better, one should have an idea of what has gone!

So here are facts of PS 4 every Gaming Geek has already by heart:
1. PS 4 was the slimmest console gaming and had the PS 4 Pro that was launched a little later

2. The virtual reality experience was of the sort never that was never felt before. The Resident Evil game made Playstation 4 even popular.

3. People opted for the slimmer and cheaper version of PS4 rather than PS4 Pro that brought the hardware sale downstairs.

4. PS 4 had a memory of 8 GB and storage size of 1 TB and weighed around 3.3 kg. With a custom chip single processor with a Jaguar 8 core and a SuperSpeed USB PS 4 was the fastest gaming console to date.

PS 4 has been crowned as the best Playstation ever that has hiked the Sony sales to more than before by 15.5%. The game has been shipped in higher numbers in every consequent holiday season. Makes adrenaline rush even more for what would happen when Playstation 5 sweeps the market!

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Sony PlayStation 5: RAM and Memory

The Sony PS5 cannot do anything other than getting a double internal memory space to live up to the expectations people have with a new gaming console. It is expected that the PlayStation 5 will have a double memory space than PS 4 that will be 16 GB and onboard, the memory will be quadrupled to a massive 4 5,ps5 release date date,playstation 5 release date,ps5 price,playstation 5 price,ps5 price in india,ps5 price in usa,ps6,ps7,ps8,ps6 price ,ps6 release date,ps5 vs ps4,ps5 vs xbox x,ps5 vs nintendo switch

PlayStation 5 Specs

There is a lot of novelty technology coming up which will certainly be nothing once Sony PS 5 floors the market. However, it is expected that PS5 might make use of new gaming experiences like Non-Volatile stackable 3 DX Point or optical waveguide technology or even a 3D stacked memory which will not only be better than the best but also curate any shortcomings of previous gaming consoles released by Sony. You can check the complete features list right here.ps5 launch event,playstation 5,ps5 release date date,playstation 5 release date,ps5 price,playstation 5 price,ps5 price in india,ps5 price in usa,ps6,ps7,ps8,ps6 price ,ps6 release date,ps5 vs ps4,ps5 vs xbox x,ps5 vs nintendo switch

Sony is also working over to give massive upgrades to its controller as well.

DualSense is in development, PlayStation 5 will no more have DualShock controllers instead of upcoming PS 5 will have a new DualSense Controller. See what features DS5 will have this year.

PlayStation PS5 release date

On June 12, 2020, Sony has released the official trailer of upcoming PlayStation 5 and revealed that they are launching the PS5 in Holidays 2020.

Still, Sony has not confirmed the exact release date but we are expecting it to be in November 2020.

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PlayStation PS5 Price

No, nothing can be said yet. The PS 5 doesn’t seem to have been made of diamonds so let the crown of being the most expensive gaming console be hailed by others. PS5 Price would certainly be an outstanding gaming console but not an out of the budget gadget.

PlayStation 5 has so much more to offer to you that its price cannot be pinpointed at the moment, but after comparing the price trend of previous PlayStations we don’t think that price of PlayStation 5 is going to be a skyscraper. The PS5 Digital Editon will cost you around $400-$450 USD whereas PS5 Standard Edition will cost you around a little higher around $450-$500 USD.

PlayStation 5 price is indeed going to be in the expensive range but it will be worth it!!

Here we have a country-wise PS5 price list:

Country Sony PS5 Digital Edition Sony PS5 Standard Edition 
PS5 Price in the USA $450 USD $500 USD
PS 5 Price in the UK 352 Pound 391 Pound
PS 5 price in Australia 633 AUD 703 AUD
Price in India ₹ 33626 ₹ 37362
Price in Russia 32251 Ruble 35835 Ruble
Price in Canada 603 CAD 671 CAD
Price in South Korea 540715WON 600795 WON
Price in Indonesia 6571237 Rupiah 7301375 Rupiah
Price in UAE 1652 Dirham 1836 Dirham


# The above-mentioned PlayStation 5 price may vary a bit depending on your currency and geographical presence. 

Back in 2014, Sony has launched its PS4 at a price of $399 but now things have been changed drastically and PS5 is going to have some major advancements. PlayStation 5 price is going to increase this time. We are looking forward to updating you with the PS5 price here. Currently, we are setting up at an expected price of $399 – $499 for the upcoming Sony PS5.
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Keep your enthusiasm for PS 5 fueled for two years!

Sony PlayStation 5 release date, price, specs, news & rumors

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  • July 3, 2017 at 5:54 am

    Sony without a doubt is switching to 3 year hardware refresh cycles, this way technology isnt held back and evolution will continue. The set up of a Next Gen Playstation and then a Pro Version 3 years after and resetting back to Next Gen 3 years after the Pro which makes 6 years of B/C all together at a $399 launch each time is Sonys best strategy going forward and makes the most sense strategically. The Last Of Us launched in 2013 with other PS3 Exclusives like Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain and then later in the Fall PS4 launched Fall 2013. Itll happen again with The Last Of US 2 in 2019 and with other Final PS4 Exclusives like Death Stranding and Sucker Punches new ip which i heard is a melee combat cyberpunk game. PS5 is launching Fall 2019 which is also Playstations 25th Anniversary. Bada bing bada boom ?


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