If the announcement of PlayStation 4 pro made you thought that there would be no PlayStation 5 , then it’s time to put a halt to your fears because the release of PlayStation 5 is confirmed by Shawn Layden, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA) and Chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios in the interview by a German outlet (Golem.de).Let me sight the actual words so that you all can get a glimpse.

Golem.de (german outlet) asked: That means you’re more likely to bet on a real PlayStation 5 – whenever that’s going to happen?

Leyden Yes. It will probably be some time.

Yes even though these words don’t depict the timings of the release but for us, as gamers, it is definitely a news to think about.

But after all this, the question arises naturally in our mind would PlayStation 5 brings about a generation leap or It would just bring some changes in hardware and game quality just like the ps4  pro?

Talking about PS4 pro, when asked whether there would be any game that would play only on PS4 pro but not on PS4, Shawn Lydne assures us said that it won’t happen. After all this, we are expecting to have some big change in PlayStation 5


PlayStation 5 Release Date

There is not a specific date announced by Sony for PS 5 release. So now all we can do to is to have some guesswork and think about all the predictions.

A prediction by Macquarie capital securities analyst Damian Thong say that Sony will release it’s PlayStation 5 in the second half of 2018.Thong had previously predicted the arrival of pS4 and PS 4 slim.So its worth thinking about his prediction regarding PS5. Thong prediction has also been published in the wall street. Here is what Tech it, the services page tweeted.

Yes we know it’s not too much but we can definitely think about this prediction. We as gamers are eagerly waiting for the ps5 release and this prediction acts like an icing on the cake.

We have another prediction by Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter.He believes the PS5 may launch in holiday 2020, and be backward compatible with PS4 Pro games. Pachter believes Sony is waiting for an increasing saturation of 4K TVs in consumer households.

Sony PlayStation 5 Specs & Pricing:

We have no idea about PlayStation 5 specs but since Microsoft entered the competition with Xbox one. So probably Sony will respond to this competition. We can have a look at the specification of Xbox one which is the up gradation of Xbox released in 2013.

Pros of Xbox One

  • Smaller than Xbox One
  • 4K game upscaling
  • It’s a cheap UHD Blu-ray player
  • HDR compatible
  • Improved controller

So in order to keep going Sony would probably bring PlayStation 5 with better hardware and specs when compared to Sony Xbox one.

Talking about the price, we can expect Sony to keep it in pace with Microsoft Xbox one. So we can estimate the price of PlayStation 5 to be around $450-$500 USD.

Both Sony and Microsoft have approached this generation completely differently – with Sony focusing entirely on games, and Microsoft focusing more on having the Xbox One as more of an all-around home theater device.

When we compare Sony and Microsoft both have a different outlook.

While Microsoft think the future is without the console generation, as stated by Aaron Greenburg (Microsoft head of marketing)

But on the other side, Sony doesn’t look to end the console generation.

Even though both of them have a different approach but they have same goals and that is to provide more experience to all the gamers.

We would like to know from you what you think about PlayStation 5 price. What are the features and games are you expecting from playstation5. Share your views down by commenting below.

Sony may launch PS 5 in 2020 !

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