As 2018 begins rumors and leaks for upcoming gaming console by Sony take pace. Recently Samsung has confirmed to begin the mass production of GDDR6/DDR6 memory chips, an abbreviation for graphics double data rate type six synchronous dynamic random-access memory.

We may see this RAM chip embedded in many upcoming tech devices featuring AMD and Nvidia Graphics. As per initial leaks, it will not even faster than present DDR4/GDDR4 but also energy efficient. Currently, we have GDDR5 RAM with a present Sony PlayStation 4, and the upcoming PS5 gaming console is going to have Samsung DDR6 RAM.gddr6

What’s New With GDDR6

The new DDR6 /GDDR6 RAM can give a huge boost in terms of performance, with the fastest data rate in the industry, Samsung’s GDDR6 deliver maximum bandwidth and blazing fast speed up to 768GB/s, enable next generation of high-performance computing and graphic application.ddr6

The new RAM chipset is designed with the Samsung 10nm FinFET manufacturing process and it can really improve efficiency in terms of power consumption too. As per reports, Samsung’s GDDR6 packs in 16Gb graphics DRAM, consuming up to 60 percent less power compared to the 8Gb solution with the same density configuration. This new RAM chip which is a really a packet of huge improvement as compared to its predecessors.

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What’s more to expect from the Sony PS5 Gaming console!

samsung ddr6

Apart from DDR6, Sony PlayStation 5 will feature new wings to the gamers. The upcoming console will offer 4k UHD and really fast processing capabilities. It will also have an artificial intelligence chipset that will learn the gamer and optimize the console to give optimal performance. Along with PS5, we will also some major upgrades to the upcoming DualSense controller. Here watch the comparison between GDDR6 vs GDDR5:

Here we have the latest rumors of upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console:

Sony PlayStation 5 Release Date and Price

playstation 5

Release Date

As per the release date is concern Sony on 12 June 2020 hosted an announcement event for upcoming PlayStation 5, during announcement Sony revealed the PlayStation 5 release date as Holiday 2020. Moreover, for now, we can expect it in the Q4 means November 2020.


PlayStation 5 has so much more to offer to you that its price cannot be pinpointed at the moment, but after comparing the price trend of previous PlayStations we don’t think that price of PlayStation 5 is going to be a skyscraper. The PS5 Digital Editon will cost you around $400-$450 USD whereas PS5 Standard Edition will cost you around a little higher around $450-$500 USD.

We are going to update you with more details of the price and release date here. You can leave your thoughts by commenting below.

Sony PS5 to have Samsung’s DDR6 RAM (Currently in Production)

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