Sony PlayStation 5 Concept & Designs: Despite the fact that we still have a long way to see Sony PlayStation 5 as the release date is rumored somewhere in next Holiday 2020. Sony PS5 is going to really a next level gaming console for the gamers as it will give more power, better graphics and lightening fast performance. Here we came up with some of the most attractive PS5 Concepts and designs made by Forum’s website. As of the present reports for PS5 Concepts, it’s going to be kind of wedge-shaped console, massive upgrades in performance.

sony ps5 concepts

PlayStation 5 Concepts and Images
Before we jump into PS5 gaming console Concept images; We would like to inform you with some of its features that are going to be part of Sony PS5:

  • PS 5 is going to offer [email protected] output. So, be ready to experience true gaming.
  • PS 5 will come with 2TB of SSD Storage capacity. So, you don’t need an external HDD to store your favorite games.
  • 64GB of GDDR5 RAM, 8GB of Auxiliary ESRAM
  • 2.1 GHz Hexa Core New Generation Jaguar Processor
  • New Generation ATI GPU clocked at 1.4 GHz

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Recently we have designed one fabulous PS5 design and you can check those images below. Here we have featured nine PS5 concept images which you download and set as your wallpaper if you like. We have also been acquainted a video over upcoming PlayStation 5:

lets take a look ……..

Here is the latest Sony PS5’s console Concept Design Images:

Although, we are going to discuss some conceptual design which is not exactly true or verified by Sony officially. However, This image quiet be bit interesting. Actually, These concepts was brought in notice by one of the users on reset era forum website. He may be the biggest fan of upcoming PlayStation. Or we can say it is totally fan-made. but it has started making so much buzz and speculation in gaming world.

A few days ago, we had updated on rumours which was in trending and that was also acquainted by golf player Tom warren. who shared some interesting image. which was very exciting for all gamer lover. Even though Sony hasn’t announced the release date officially or any design. But latest rumors is giving so much idea what Sony is going to release in next Holiday.

In recent interview CEO and president jim ryyan at sony “we start to reveal additional details about our vision for the next generation.”

PS5 console

This concept or say design, we are being introduced is totally fan-made because Sony has not officially announced any such concept and design. But, as per reports, Sony next-gen PlayStation 5 will totally be a different and most powerful and advanced console in terms of technology.

Sony PS 5 Front look:

As this new render of the console was acquainted on ResetEra forum by one of the user ‘CrimsonNocturne’ which is making a new concept and speculating across the world.

playstation 5 concept

Above mentioned image, here we will find that wedge-irregular shape console seems to be 2 v-shaped are overlapped with each other

On the other side, we have big grid shape design for mass ventilation. this concept will help to keep the device cool. At the very right side of the back, we have input option for power cable, optical audio output connector.

This is how PS5 will look like:

Here we will discuss, what if, below design “which is not officially verified” becomes true. it will look like new renders of console.

According to a gaming website: “The game console is considerably thinner at the front than at the rear, so there is sufficient room for ventilation”.

ps5 leaked image

on the front side, PS5 blue LED light strip may also be featured same as the concept of PlayStation 4 pro.

Playstation 5 v shaped

Design is quite plain and simple.


On the front side, at the end of the left side of the console, the power button is positioned and exactly next to that power button, a disk drive is built or forged.

Upgraded Sony PS5 Controller Concepts and images

Eye Pleasing PlayStation 5 Concept:

We got one more concept design for upcoming PS5 here. It’s quite attractive and looks more realistic in nature.

Playtstation 5  latest concept

So, above you have seen some beautiful Sony PS 5 designs and concepts. As per the rumors, Sony will launch this high performing gaming console by 2020. We are going to update you with all the news and rumors here. This blog is specially dedicated to PlayStation and Gaming fans. So, you visit our website frequently to get the latest updates and rumors.

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Sony Playstation 5: PS5 Concepts, Designs and Images

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