DualShock 4 Back Button is designed to give you more flexibility and performance while maintaining the comfort and feeling of the DualShock 4 wireless controller that you like.

Sony announced a back button attachment to the DualShock 4. This is coming in January 2020 for $30. You can add this to any DualShock 4 and much like we’re seeing with a lot of pro-style controllers. These premium controllers like Microsoft’s Elite Series or the scuff Vantage controller is very popular on PlayStation 4.

These will add two additional buttons on the back of the controller. So you can map it to any other button that is applicable for the game that you’re playing this makes it easier to crouch throw a grenade a lot of people like that quick advantage by hitting the back buttons that are placed on a lot of these pro controllers

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dualshock 4 back button

Well now you can add this on any DualShock 4 there’s still a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack on the bottom and even more surprising is that the back of. It has an LED screen to actually map the button specifically so very cool accessory but more importantly this really actually seemed like a very in-demand thing for Sony.

Sony dualshock back button

The scuff Vantage controllers a very premium product it’s like 150 some odd dollars for that thing and to be fair it’s a lot more feature-heavy with 4 back buttons there’s also the asymmetric sticks if you like that but at the very least is a very good compromise because the announcement video for this has like 3 million views there’s huge demand for this on the flip side.

Playstation dualshock 4 back button

I’m seeing a lot of PS 5 discussion is this for a dual shock 5 is a Sony testing the waters why is this so late in the ps4 lifecycle I think this is just purely the compromise that was needed they’re not going to do any sort of elite style controller. it could be a testbed sure that’s I’m sure that’s very probable the O LED screen is that something for Dual Shock 5 I don’t really think so and to be honest what a Dual Shock 5 is released I still fully expected to be more or less.

dualshock 4 back button attachment

Dual Shock 4 Back Button Attachment – PS4 Pre-order Pre-Order
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dualshock back button vs xbox

Dual Shock 4 that’s a little bit more refined and slightly different a bit more ergonomic maybe a bit bulkier like those patent renderings showed us. We have the haptic feedback and the triggers and the sticks the base controller that’s got a ship with every console and one that you can buy extra at retail probably gonna be a standard 50 $60 controller. And then they might explore a more elite premium controller or keep this attachment going I mean they’re looking for compatibility.


Moving on to our PS 5 rumors so this is gonna be kind of a mal Gamay ssin of things that are a bit messy no clear defining factor here one of those things where I was thinking about not even talking about that.

But, I thought it didn’t really make a whole lot of sense given the context so it’s just a bunch of ps5 rumors we’re gonna go over them in a second the context here is that we’ve been following so many ps5 rumors for a while now we talked about ones from Pastebin or from Reddit or twitter well a lot of times I mean that stuff you can’t really trace it’s taking it with a grain of salt type of thing at the very least this is coming from well this information now is from the recent era forums.

Sony back button attachment

There was a very long thread about the next-gen consoles. So, it’s a whole mess of posts really but I’m gonna zero in on one that actually is a pretty good breakdown all of a lot of the rumors that we’re hearing so far from different multiple users that I believe both of them have been verified. or maybe just one of them but some of the key takeaways by sergeant Kathryn.

Playstation 5 dualshock 4 back button

In a recent era in regards to next-gen consoles, a post from Tommy Fisher says prepare to be absolutely blown away by not just revealing over thirteen teraflops of GPU power for ps5 in PlayStation meeting.

I believe that means February 2020 going on to talk about the seven-nanometer UV clock speeds of PS 5 a little less than point to than the Xbox Series X CPU clock speed klieg game fan that states PlayStation 5 is supposedly slightly more powerful than Xbox garlotte slightly these are old postings but klieg lead game fan was recently verified.

I think on two different occasions this is such a long thread he says to be fair though mat predicted scarlet is more powerful.

At the End of the topic. All release date in the history of Sony PlayStation

General pattern of releases of PlayStation by Sony since the time they first came in the market.

PlayStation   Release date
Sony PS1 Release date December 3, 1994
Sony PS2 Release date March 4, 2000
Sony PS3 Release date November 11, 2006
Sony PS4 Release date November 15, 2014
Sony PS5 Release date  Q1, 2020

Here is the list of quick info links for upcoming Sony PlayStation 5:

Sony announced PS4’s DualShock 4 back button on the back of the controller

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