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Nintendo Switch VS Upcoming Sony PS5: Gaming has always been lucky enough to have the most loyal lovers. Even the most impatient geek of the lot is willing to wait in the longest queue for getting his gaming console on the day of release. We wait for months and years together for the next release of our favorite gaming console release. The wait for Nintendo Switch is soon going to end. While the PlayStation buffs have to wait for another two years at least. The two gaming consoles have different features and some of you might want to compare them. Those of you who have already pre – ordered might be here to either get a double reassurance for the choice you have made. The crazy rich people need not think about such stuff yet they are here to quench the tech worm wriggling in you so that you can flaunt your latest possession.

Nintendo Switch vs Sony PS5 : Comparison


Below we have a brief comparison of these two amazing gaming console. Nintendo Switch is going to release in the first week of March, while for Sony PS5 we still a lot of time. If you are holding a PS3 or PS4 and considering an upgrade. Then this comparison is going to help you out with features and specs of theses gaming consoles.

1) Description

Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Switch is the next release by Nintendo America after Nintendo Wii. It is a TV cum Mobile based gaming. The Nintendo America President has made claims for Nintendo being an entirely new gaming concept where you can switch between home gaming console and portable gaming console.

PlayStation 5: PS5 is the next PlayStation variation in line after PlayStation 4, which has been the best gaming console ever. PlayStation 5 is expected to be primarily a home gaming console but it will allow you to connect with wireless technology as a Universal Operating System is being developed by Sony to allow you to store all the data of any Sony PlayStation until date into a cloud memory drive.

2) Graphics

Nintendo Switch: The CPU and GPU of Nintendo Switch will be based on Nvidia Tegra X 1 chipset and this means that it will have a 4K Ultra HD display. However, this is only a claim and it is expected that this will be possible only when the 4K video will be played on 30 fps. Otherwise, such a high resolution will not be supported.

Sony PlayStation 5: Though PlayStation has not released anything till now it is very much predictable that it is going to be better than ever. Sony PlayStation 5 will have 4K graphics and a hologram projection. This means that things will pop out of your TV and show up standing right next to you.

3) Price

Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Switch will be of around 300$. This is the official price and this might differ depending on the retailer you select. Of course, the games that come later might be paid. But one thing is going to make the pre-bookers of Nintendo Switch more than happy is that all the things will come in the box. You don’t have to spend anything extra for getting accessories.

Playstation 5, PS5, Sony PS5

Sony PS5: PlayStation 5 has so much more to offer to you that its price cannot be pinpointed at the moment but after comparing the price of Sony PS 4 and Sony PS 4 PRO we don’t think that price of PlayStation 5 is going to be a skyscraper.

4) Controller

Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Switch has controllers that have 2 Joy – Con™ with capture buttons. They allow you to take the screenshot and also to slide and attach to the portable gaming tablet. They will be available in two different shades the neon red and blue and a classic gray. Both of them will have the same price. The controllers are going to have the haptic feedback, which will give the feeling of something moving inside them. They will allow you to switch between mini gamers and home gaming console without even having to pause your ongoing game level.

Sony PlayStation 5: PlayStation 5 is not expected to have a very distinctive remote controller from the previous PlayStation 4 because the controller was already beyond perfection. It had a single issue that the control went slightly offbeat when the support system lost track. Just a little bit of improvisation or may be grinding and testing for hours and the PlayStation 5 controller would be ready.

5) Online Gaming

Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Switch has the option of online gaming where you can play a game with your friends across any distance by online game sharing.

PlayStation 5: PlayStation 5 is expected to be the best online gaming experience. The timing for the release of gaming has been timed so as to be able to have the Universal Operating System portal by Sony becoming functional as soon as PS5 is released.

Nintendo switch, sony ps5, playstation 5, comparison

6) Games available

Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Switch had already disappointed its future buyers by releasing the news of having only 6 new games. Later the list has quadrupled and now the game has more than 106 games. However, it still has only a few games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, 1 – 2 Switch and Legend of Zelda: Breath of The wild that are exciting gamers.

PlayStation 5: PlayStation 5 doesn’t even need to come in the arena. PS 4 already has had many games already that are going to be in the list of Nintendo Switch games.

Nintendo Switch vs. Sony PS5: Rumors

Nintendo Switch: The only rumor to be about Nintendo Switch that might still need retrospection is the 4K resolution. Otherwise, every rumor has vanished off with the official announcements have been made. Earlier there was a rumor that all the games will be available on the day of release but the business strategies have made it be an on the go release of games so as to keep the interest of people and to rule the market.

PlayStation 5: PlayStation 5 is having rumors cling to it like bees to honey. Many have come up like it is going to release in 2020 or that it will be the most expensive gaming console. All of them are baseless and the PS 5 fans need to guard themselves against heartbreak before their muse arrives.

8) Hard Drive or Cloud

Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Switch has a hard drive based gaming console and the only way to have the gaming on the go is to take the tablet along.

PlayStation 5: PlayStation 5 is perhaps going to be a jack-of-all-trades and will be a cloud gaming and have a slim hard drive too.

9) Memory Storage

Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Switch has a mere memory of 32 GB and it can be expanded only after inserting a micro SD card.

PlayStation 5: PlayStation 5 is expected to have a double memory than before and a massive memory space of 4 TB.

10) Battery Life

Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Switch has a battery life of 2.5 – 6.5 hours obviously depending on your usage. You can play the Legend of Zelda: Breath of The wild game for three hours on a stretch without having a charger on.

PlayStation 5: PlayStation 5 will have no such charging issue as it is expected to be a home gaming console and so the power supply will be on. Even if a portable gaming option is added as PS 5 has the benefit of chance and it can change its features we expect it will have an incredible battery life.

Nintendo Switch and PS5: Release date

Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Switch was released on 20th September 2019, Friday.

PlayStation 5: The release date of PS5 has only been predicted by experts based on Sony releases in the past two decades to be in around 2020.

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Nintendo Switch VS Sony PS5: Comparison

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