One of most awaited game of the decade has come into limelight again as there are some news about its new upcoming season, Kingdom of hearts 4.

The director itself said few words about the new last chapter of season 3 and how the franchise is planning for Season 4. Nomura says that he is parallelly working over the development of new season as well as the last chapter of the kingdom of hearts season 4.

Users are very excited for any news about Kingdom hearts 4 and here we are with a complete bunch of interesting involving news about the leaks, cast, worlds, pricing of the game and its release dates, etc.

Many important questions like trailer release date, expected price tag, the price is value for money or not? What are the important factors still left in season 3? And many more.

Tetsuya Nomura speaks over Kingdom of Hearts 4

In a recent interview, director of Kingdom Hearts, Tetsuya Nomura gave explained information about Kingdom Hearts 3, he also discussed that how the industry is planning the journey from Kingdom Hearts 3 to Kingdom Hearts 4.

He also said that users should focus on Kingdom Hearts 3 before going for Kingdom hearts 4 as there are many interesting chapters still left in Kingdom hearts 3. He provided some limelight about the upcoming updates of Kingdom of hearts 3 as the update will be coming with many new things and hence suggested to focus on Kingdom Hearts 3.

After the great success of Kingdom Hearts 3, the industry is looking forward to launching Kingdom Hearts 4 but there will be one important game of KH and update that will be launched in the era of Kingdom of hearts 3.

Nomura also explained how the company is looking forward to integrating Star wars and Marvels. It will be great watching Star wars and Marvels characters into Kingdom of Hearts 4. This is still an imagination and expectation.

One important thing to note here is that before the launch of Kingdom Hearts 4 there will be some important chapters and stories which are really important to explore and understand because there will be certain links connecting to Casts, Worlds and Characters of Kingdom of Hearts 4. So, if you are a regular user and you want to get every single information about KH then be focused on the final segment of KH 3.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Release date

After releasing of Kingdom of hearts 3 which was released on 25th January 2019, the audience is keenly looking forward to Kingdom of hearts 4. Here the question comes that, Will there be Kingdom of Hearts season 4? On which Tetsuya Nomura says that there is a lot to comes, these words are enough to state that there will be a new season.

Now the main question that when the Kingdom of hearts 4 will come or what is the Kingdom Hearts 4 release date? On which the director says that users will have to wait for a while and exploring current chapters of Kingdom of Hearts 3 are more important.

Some information’s about Kingdom of hearts 4

There is no doubt that everyone one is super excited to know any information about the kingdom of hearts 4 and here are some information’s about the kingdom of Hearts 4 characters, worlds, cast, etc.

There are very high possibilities that there can be new characters from Marvels and Star wars as the company is speeding to collaborate with both.

And while having big characters in the house like Donald Duck, Boo, etc. how the characters of Marvel and Star Wars will be involved? Is a question to look upon as both the organizations already has high brand value.

Exploring the updates of the last chapters of Kingdom of hearts 3 is really important to understand the new worlds, cast, and other information about the Kingdom of hearts 4.

Kingdom of Hearts 4 Characters-

  • Anna- The most important and protagonist character of Kingdom of hearts 3 and we will see the same character in Kingdom of hearts 4 as well.
  • Ansem- After the defeat of Maleficent, Ansem was revealed, later he was defeated by Sora and ultimately killed by Riku.
  • Aqua- She is another protagonist character of Kingdom of hearts and we will eventually see her important role in the Kingdom of hearts 4.
  • Ariel- The lady diva and mermaid and a little girl too curious explore the world above the sea. There is a lot to follow up for this girl.
  • Axel- One of the most popular 3D action characters, he is always on the good side and plays his vital role with Sora.

There are many other important and famous characters but they are mainly known by users like Boo, Buzz Lightyear, Chip, Donald Duck and many more.

These are some of the main character’s which are going to play an important role in the Kingdom of Hearts 4 as well. It will be nicer for the players to play the previous seasons and follow up them to know the important twist in the world of Kingdom of season 4.

Trailer 2020

It will not be wrong to say that 2020 is going to be a big year for the players of Kingdom of hearts 4. As according to rumors and sources it is highly possible that the franchise is planning to launch the trailer of Kingdom of hearts 4 in 2020.

Trailer 2020 is the result of excitement for the upcoming new season, it will not be a surprise if we can see some fake trailers using click bit saying “Kingdom of hearts Season 4 Trailer” from some you tubers.

And these are the things which keep the excitement and interest alive because they don’t let the gamers to forget about the upcoming trailer 2020.

There is no official announcements for the date of release for KH4 season 4, users still have to wait for it.

Supportable Consoles for Kingdom of Hearts 4

With a variety of users in large number, it becomes really important for the franchise to provide variety to supportable consoles. And keeping this important concern in mind the franchise planned to launch KH4 in various consoles like pc, PS4, XBOX.

These are some main and widely used consoles but we can expect the new KH4 to come in other consoles too.

The market of PC games is already captured by big actions games like PubG PC and Fortnite. But with the upcoming season of KH, there are possibilities that Kingdom of Hearts will give tough competitions in the market.

Also, we look forward to mini versions of KH so that it can be played on smartphones as there are more gamers on the smartphone rather than PC gamers.

Understanding the question that how important is it for KH to launch in various consoles the franchise is planning to do a collaboration with some new consoles as well. As in a market where there are hundreds of games being launched daily it is really important for KH to maintain versatility.

Price of Kingdom of Hearts 4

Price is another factor for the sales of any game, and pricing of the kingdom of hearts season 4 is going to be an interesting thing to follow up as KH4 is already having great excitements.

Price of Kingdom of hearts 3 was $229.99 which used to come up with everything including deluxe edition and three figures of Donald, Goofy, and Sora. Which was not a bad deal and there was a great number of sales for season 3.

Now coming to the main question, “what will be the price of the Kingdom of Hearts 4?” Well, a tough one to answer but the Pricing of Kingdom of Hearts 4 will be around $275 to $300. This is not the official price tag announced by the company, this is the expected price which we have calculated by doing research and some leaked news.

Though the expected price tag is not that much and if the game comes at the price with an additional $25 or $50 then also the buyers and players won’t mind much.

Getting the game and enjoying the new chapters and story in more important than the price tag. Also, the price doesn’t seem that much which can be called over budget or beyond affordable. By saving $50 a month one can afford the game in just 5 or 6 months.

Final verdict

The excitement for the new season is common and usual but one thing to be noted again that to get the optimum enjoyment playing previous seasons and understating all the previous chapters of season 3 is very important.

The game defiantly has many interesting plots and if Marvels and Star wars collaborate with KH then the season 4 will be on fire.

All the information’s that we provide is based on research work and internet. We don’t commit any information about the game but yes, we predict and expect these things. The actual price and other information can be different from the actual announcement. Therefore, the real excitement is still left.

Kingdom Hearts 4 release dates, new characters, Words from director Tetsuya Nomura

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