Problem solved! Galaxy S7 Samsung mail app not working after phone software update. Here’s how you check the APN settings: If you don’t know the correct APN, you better call your provider and ask for it or use google to find it online. 04:52 PM

After verifying that your device has the correct Message Center Number, it’s time to go after the messaging app you’re using.

Using apps. If you can receive it, then it was sent successfully. Thanks. If it shows there’s only one or two bars of signal, it could be reason why the phone cannot send the message as it will take too long for the device to transmit it to the point that the system will cancel the process. If the issue remains unresolved after turning the phone off and on again, continue troubleshooting using the tweaks listed below. And at the top it notified me what they said. This all started after I emptied my inbox! After you’ve verified everything on your phone and you still can’t send and receive MMS, then it’s time to reset it. ‎03-19-2017

Whether you’re getting an error message or not, it’s recommended you clear the cache and data of the messaging app to reset it. How To Block Someone On Gmail Messaging Quick and Easy Way, How to use Android VPN in 2020 | steps to set up Android VPN. Don’t do anything complex yet, instead, try to restart your device. First Poster ‎08-09-2017 02:37 PM. However, if the test message didn’t go through, then continue troubleshooting your device. ‎03-28-2017 However, if the phone shows there’s a decent signal reception and you still can’t send SMS, then the next step may give you an idea what to do. Back up data on the internal memory. Or, you may call your provider and ask about it. Text messages are very small in size but if you have hundreds of them, they sure will take up some storage. Troubleshooting Galaxy J7 that won’t send / receive SMS, Troubleshooting Galaxy J7 that won’t send / receive MMS, Now, before we jump into our troubleshooting, if you have other concerns with your phone, make sure you drop by our, for we have already published several troubleshooting guides that may help you fix your problem.

So, here’s what you need to do: If it’s the first time that your phone didn’t send or receive MMS, then just reboot it to rule out the possibility that it’s just a minor system glitch.

While there are apps that may allow you to send picture messages over Wi-Fi, mobile data is still the default medium in sending multimedia files as part of a text message. 10:08 PM Once the phone is up and running, compose a test message and then send it to your own number. After that, try sending a test message to your own number and if the problem persists, try these steps: To uninstall an app, here’s what you have to do: If steps 1 through 4 failed to fix the problem, then you have left with no other choice but to reset your phone, however, before doing it, make sure you backup all your important files and data as they’ll all be deleted. After the reset, setup your phone again and verify the settings. But then i cant see or read the message. I can't receive messages on my voicemail.

when send massage from j7 2016 after sent error, dear sir; i am wrongly tick on never ask again menu and rhen ok. but now i m unable to send msg on 56789 no. However, if the test message didn’t go through, then continue troubleshooting your device. So, check if your phone still has enough storage left because if not, then the reason why you can’t receive text messages is because your device cannot download them. Troubleshoot. You may also want to make sure your stock messages app is fully updated.

Highlighted. Also, we do create videos to demonstrate how things are done on your phone. Minor glitches in the system or hardware can easily be fixed by a simple reboot so it’s worth doing it. I have the 32 gb S6 edge!!

If the SMS service has the Message Center Number to transmit byte-size texts, the MMS use an Access Point Name (APN) to connect to the mobile data network and transmit bigger data. Of course, if you’re in an area with bad reception, you should consult your provider as it often has a solution for such problem. Now look for Message app in the All Application tab. Settings > Apps > messenger > uninstall updates, Step 2: Check messenger app permission have not disabled, if disable then enable app permission uisng below settings, Settings > Apps > Tap any app want to force stop > Force stop, Step 4: Clear the app’s cache on android Nougat 7.0, Settings > Device section > Storage > Internal shared storage > Apps > Tap any app > Clear cache, Settings > Personal > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone. 10:09 PM.

I am talking about the messages app that comes standard on the phone.

If your phone played the message alert tone and you can’t find the message anywhere, then your phone may have set with a wrong time and/or date. Another problem that many smartphone owners may encounter is with the MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). Several possibilities could be the reason that apps on Galaxy S7 keep crashing. If you are experiencing more than one app crashing, you will want to try a factory reset of your device.

However, if the message did go through but your phone didn’t receive it, then continue with your troubleshooting.

Reply. Loading... Highlighted. Therefore, make sure that it is enabled or turned on: After you’ve made sure mobile data is enabled and you still can’t send and receive MMS, then try the next step. When it comes to SMS, there are a few things you have to consider to determine what causes the problem and whether or not you can do something about it. Facebook app constantly crashing on Samsung Galaxy S7. Understand why your #Samsung Galaxy J7 (#GalaxyJ7) can no longer send and/or receive text messages or #SMS and learn how to troubleshoot it in a bid to fix the problem. You can also see other messaging problems in your device such as. on text message and more. Apps lagging on Samsung S7. Annoying of any messenger app not working android phone.

Let's try a few steps to try and fix this up for you. If your J7 cannot send an MMS, it is most likely not be able to receive one. Problem solved! If you have other issues, you may visit our, page so you can check by yourself the articles we’ve already published that contain solutions to common problems. Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Mute ; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Highlight; Print; Email to a Friend; Report Inappropriate Content ‎06-10-2018 03:54 PM. You can also see other messaging problems in your device such as problems sending or receiving messages, can’t send or receive pictures or videos, notifications not seen, red! Further assistance and recommendations should be given. So, before you do some complex troubleshooting procedures, make sure you reboot your phone first. Also, we do create videos to demonstrate how things are done on your phone.

, can’t send or receive pictures or videos, notifications not seen, , if disable then enable app permission uisng below settings, incoming sms failures on Note20 Ultra 5G after latest software update, Not receiving all text messages not able to download, From the Home Screen select the Apps icon, Navigate to and select Applications/Application Manager, Touch the menu icon, then Uninstall updates, Clear Application cache and sometime Application data. We are committed to helping our readers fix the problems with their phones as well as learn how to properly use their devices. by Application not working on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Apps having issues on Samsung Galaxy S7.

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samsung j7 message app not working

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