The LDWF would like to caution Boaters in Calcasieu Lake’s West Cove should be aware of a sediment pipeline and sediment boom deployed near Rabbit Island. Today, Louisiana was granted the authority to manage red snapper in state and federal waters. In April 2018, NOAA Fisheries released an updated stock assessment for Gulf red snapper. LDWF is currently working on addition solutions including increasing scientific sampling of red snapper and securing additional artificial reefs in red snapper habitat. Near-real-time landings data allow managers to close fishing seasons when actual landings approach the allowed harvest quota for a given year. The 2019 and 2018-2019 rate projections are based on the harvest rates and weights by state charter anglers in state waters and private recreational anglers in both state and federal waters observed during the 2018 and 2019 red snapper seasons. LDWF closed the season when recreational landings were projected to have reached Louisiana’s annual private recreational allocation of 784,332 pounds (19.1% of the Gulf-wide red snapper private angling quota, adjusted for last year’s overage). The Gulf red snapper population still contains too few older (greater than 20 years) individuals. Preliminary abundance estimates produced by the study for natural and artificial structures, or high relief areas, are consistent with those of the 2018 Gulf red snapper stock assessment conducted by NOAA Fisheries. NOAA Fisheries will incorporate study results into an interim stock assessment for Gulf red snapper in 2021 and make adjustments to red snapper management as appropriate. Louisiana is operating under its first year of state delegated management, which allows the department to manage the private recreational red snapper season in state and federal waters. As states extended their recreational red snapper seasons starting around 2012, a large fraction of the total harvest came from state waters.

Anglers can get a recreational offshore landing permit from the state’s website or via a smartphone application via Google Play or iTunes. At one time depleted, the Gulf of Mexico red snapper population has been recovering quickly. LDWF receives no state general funding and depends on license sales as a major funding source. May only fish in federal waters during the 62-day federal for-hire season from June 1 through August 1, 2020. The 2020 recreational red snapper season began on Friday, May 22, in both state and federal waters. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is charged with managing and protecting Louisiana’s abundant natural resources. Help us protect your hunting and fishing heritage while preserving habitat, wildlife, and aquatic resources by purchasing your license at This is 19.1 percent of the gulf-wide red snapper private angling quota and adjusted for last year’s overage. For additional questions regarding the upcoming red snapper season, the Exempted Federal Fishing Permit, or voluntary electronic reporting, please reference our FAQs. 2020 Recreational Red Snapper Landings Data. If recreational harvests exceeded the annual quota, any excess was deducted from the quota for the following fishing season.

In-state for-hire charter captains (those who do not have a federal Gulf of Mexico charter/headboat permit for reef fish) are not allowed to fish in federal waters and may only fish for red snapper in state waters (within the nine nautical mile state water boundary), when the Louisiana recreational red snapper season is open. May only fish for red snapper in state waters (within the 9 nautical mile state water boundary), when the Louisiana recreational red snapper season is open. The Council and NOAA Fisheries established a 20% buffer on the recreational quota. The Council will be discussing allocation again after the results of the Great Red Snapper Count are released and the Government Accountability Office report on allocation is published.

As the red snapper population in the Gulf grew, why did the private recreational red snapper seasons in federal waters get shorter? These projections are intended to provide general guidance as to what might occur in the future based on what occurred in the past. LDWF also encourages anglers to reduce barotrauma while fishing for red snapper and other reef fish by using descending devices to return fish to a survivable depth before being released. Lifetime, Disability, Military, and Student, Duck, Goose, Teal, Rail, Gallinule, and Snipe, Crow, Blackbird, Cowbird, Grackle, and Pheasant, Beaver, Bobcat, Coyote, Fox (Gray and Red), Mink, Muskrat, Nutria, Opossum, River Otter, Raccoon, and Skunk, Saltwater and Freshwater Finfish and Shellfish, Reptiles and Amphibians, Sampling, Tagging, Assessments, Other Research, and Lab, Rare Plant and Animals Species, Natural Communities, and Natural Areas Registry, Aquatic Education Activity Books, Native Fish in the Classroom, WETshop, Recreational Fishing Licenses and Permits, For-Hire/Charter Fishing Licenses and Permits, WMA, Refuge, and Conservation Area Licenses and Permits, Controlling Aquatic Plants and Enhancing Freshwater Habitat, Report a Boat Crash, Collision, or Casualty, Commercial Fishing/Reptile and Amphibian Collecting, Buyer, Dealer, Retailer, Processor, and Transporter, Mandatory Harvest Information Program (HIP), Waterfowl Hunter Frequently Asked Questions, Migratory Bird Preservation Facility Guidelines, Boundaries (Saltwater/Freshwater and State/Federal), Dealers, Retailers, Processors, and Transporters, Report Purchases/Sales of Catch (Trip Tickets), Age and Growth, Reproductive, and Genetic Studies, Apply for Assistance with Invasive Aquatic Vegetation on Lake Bistineau, Report a Whooping Crane Sighting or Violation, Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Ranks and Statuses, Rare Species and Natural Community Tracking Lists by Parish, Request Wildlife Diversity Project Review or Digital Data, Outlaw Quadrupeds (Feral Hogs, Coyotes, and Armadillos), Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit and Basic Skills Course, Recreational Offshore Landing Permit (ROLP), Mandatory Training for New Crab Trap License Applicants, Safe Oyster Harvest, Production, and Consumption,, Must possess valid Louisiana Basic and Saltwater Recreational Fishing Licenses as well as a. Electronic reporting could also provide landings data even faster than LA Creel. The season will run weekends only (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday including the Monday of Memorial Day and the Monday of Labor Day, July 4th falls on a Saturday and will be part of the season as designated) with a daily bag limit of two fish per person and a 16-inch total length minimum size limit. Vessels with federal reef fish for-hire permits will remain under federal regulations and may only fish during federally established seasons. All recreational offshore anglers will be subject to periodic, random dockside surveys and associated online and phone effort surveys, as has been the case since 2014 when the LA Creel project began.

Anglers will have the opportunity to harvest the remaining 6% (roughly 44,000 lbs) of Louisiana’s annual quota beginning this Friday, September 4, through Labor Day, Monday, September. By Associated Press , Wire Service Content Feb. 6, 2020 Currently, NOAA Fisheries mostly samples outer natural banks and bottom breaks. In addition, LDWF will continue to urge oil and gas companies to use less lethal methods (e.g., cutting rather than explosives), where and when appropriate, to sever the legs of their structures below the mudline to reduce mortality of fish in the area. In recent years, there has been a decrease in donations of oil and gas structures to the Louisiana Artificial Reef Program. Securing additional artificial reefs in red snapper habitat.

Final Louisiana red snapper landing estimates for 2020, LDWF enforcement agents cited two subjects for alleged deer hunting violations in Bienville Parish on Oct. 26. Once again, LA CREEL has proven to be an incredibly effective and precise tool for fisheries management, providing our Commission the ability to manage the harvest to within 1% of our target. The accuracy and reliability of harvest estimates depend on angler participation in LA Creel, so we need as many anglers as possible to complete both dockside and phone and email surveys. The commercial and recreational red snapper fisheries predominantly operate on those high relief areas, and historically, the Gulf red snapper stock assessment has mostly been based on data from these fisheries. © 2020

The study suggests that most of the Gulf red snapper population is located in these low relief areas. The allocation has now reverted back to the original 49% recreational and 51% commercial split. This action will allow LDWF greater flexibility to take advantage of unique opportunities to reef decommissioned oil and gas structures in-place, rather than moving them tens of miles into a planning area.

The recreational red snapper season will begin May 22 in state and federal waters, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission announced Thursday. 2020 Fall Gulf Red Snapper Season.

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LDWF also encourages anglers to reduce barotrauma while fishing for red snapper and other reef fish by using descending devices to return fish to a survivable depth before being released.

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