Homefront was inspired by such well-known shooters as Half-Life and Call of Duty. Victory depends here on player’s strategy and tactics. Compared to the previous scenes, realism was reduced and the focus was on cooperation mode. The game mechanics remained almost unchanged in comparison to the previous games. Also, the game offers an extensive multiplayer mode featuring a system of ranks and bonuses. One of the most important among them is a new resource – meld, a type of microscopic, robotic organisms that can modify human genotype. Multiplayer battles take place on a greater scale than in singleplayer and vehicles are very important in them. However, there are several novelties. All the subtleties of gameplay are gradually revealed and explained to the players. It’s three-chapter campaign spans across the years 1942-1945, being … Like other productions of the genre, the Guardians of Middle-Earth combines RTS and arcade elements. Therefore, the countless trenches, tunnels, and narrows will make for excellent locations in which you can ambush your opponents. Developers from Slitherine studio have made sure that History: Legends of War - Patton combines entertainment with elements of historical education. The action takes place on the oil-rich small island of Skira located in East Asia. The game offers several single and multiplayer modes, including cooperation and zombie mode. Call of Duty utilizes a modified version of the id Tech 3 graphical engine, used previously in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Developers draw on the well-proven formula employed by the previous installments, such as the spectacular, yet heavily-scripted single player campaign, dynamic shootouts and numerous multiplayer modes. The developers implemented parachute drops and gave complete control over vehicles and boats to the player. The worms were divided into classes for the first time, and those include the scientist, the heavy, the soldier and the scout - each class has its strong and weak points. more. EA PS3 GAMES. Call of Duty: World at War (PS3) Action 11 November 2008. The story is set in the 2nd century B.C. The game was developed by studio Treyarch, the team responsible for Call of Duty: World at War. However, apart from the Allied Forces, standing in their way this time is a new superpower established in the eastern part of the globe - the Empire of the Rising Sun. The expansion casts the players into the harsh reality of the titular Vietnam War and features five entirely new maps, none of which lacks the distinctive elements of the said conflict. In all the three games, the player participates in fictional military conflicts set at the turn of the 21st century, assuming the roles of several different characters sent to different places on Earth, such as New York or Dubai. Director: Todd Howard | Stars: Liam Neeson, Malcolm McDowell, Ron Perlman, Odette Annable. A special edition of the Worms series, in which we take control of several title worms trying to eliminate the opposing team with increasingly sophisticated weapons. A sequel to the bestselling first-person shooter released in 2010. In the story campaign, the player is acquainted with further adventures of the titular Bad Company. Get PS3 games from PlayStation official website. Also, the package includes extensive multiplayer modes. After the success achieved by the third installment in the Command & Conquer series, EA Los Angeles began to work on a sequel to the Red Alert subseries developed in parallel with the franchise's main installments. Created by Electronic Arts, the game is actually a slightly cut version of the Uprising expansion, available to the owners of PCs some couple of months earlier. The plot of Tom Clancy’s EndWar is set in the year 2020 and tells the story of a fictitional conflict between the USA, the EU, and Russia, which sprang from the competition for resources and dominance in space, as well as an attempt to topple the balance of power which had been established between the East and the West.

At the same time, the game has a complex storyline and a number of heroes that are introduced through cut-scenes stylized as a visual novel. Throughout 24 missions divided into four single player campaigns, the player assumes the roles of several allied soldiers. The game’s main hero is B. J. Blazkowicz, a veteran of the American special forces. We play as a leader of a strike unit sent to Baghdad on a mission to research the phenomena taking place there. Strategy games. The player assumes the role of a member of resistance and together with two companions he completes various missions aimed at the occupant. The game stands out with its atmosphere of comedy, deprived of serious undertones and tension. When the enemy attacks, the players have to manipulate the individual districts in real time so that the right installations can target certain vulnerable types of monsters. Each of them is being given a castle. The maps were enriched with various objects which can be destroyed or moved to one's liking. A sequel to 2008's Battlefield: Bad Company - an acclaimed shooter game. In addition to single player mode, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 offers also numerous multiplayer modes. The above is complemented by an extensive cooperative gameplay for up to 12 players.

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