Although Margaret is due for a trial, Watson says it’s just for show.

She'll detract the theft statement and apologize to Mary, but won't apologize to Bill and will keep the hacking statement because it ruined her life.

She’s waiting until the quest is finished to tell him, but in the meantime they have some more work to do: Lucas is working on Stage 3, the flight to Earth, while Emily is organizing the picnic that awaits the loving couple at the end of the quest. Whether to calm his anxiety or to fulfill his latest celebrity whim, Clyde asks you for a Muffin before he meets with his daughter.

He says it's hard not to worry because if you're trying not to worry, that means you've definitely got something to worry about.

The haunted house attraction Donald and Daisy based off of Bloody Penny has been lucrative, but Daisy is interested in breaking ground on a new quest and needs help thinking of the perfect theme. Total: 20,280 gold coins. Police dog constantly bites Watson, so you need to give him Americano with Nutmeg and Whipped Cream to tame the dog. If you do not give him the diamonds, you can persuade Donald to help out, and the mayor will convince the bank to give Koffsky more time for the current month's payment. When you hit level 16 a new character will enter your café and offer to buy three of your stuff every day. Apparently, she’d been dropping hints to Carl this whole time. He now needs to write a speech for the proposal while you prepare: Make him Tea with Saffron, Ginseng, Lemon and Honey. Police investigated to know where the money was but she didn't have any. He will also ask you to hang a «Simple menu board» and will give 1 diamond per purchase. He will ask you to hang the picture «Mysterious Stranger» in exchange for his story and will award 3 diamonds. She says the author liked Jennifer’s story, and she can’t wait to tell him about Clyde’s. Margaret asks to treat her with a tartlet. Apparently, the first time he tried cinnamon since he was a child was when he first visited the coffee shop. Either way, Ron has bought himself some time. For her help, Margaret requests a Sweet Roll with Cinnamon and Caramel Syrup. Fernando will give you a Pink Gift from the Cafe Society. To his surprise, when he checks the video ratings it appears that Koffsky won! The device «Whipped cream» — 2 890 gold coins. He will tell you he already has a plan. They will also be asked to buy Maneki-neko. Afterward, he decides to admit to his friends that he pretended to be Bloody Penny when they were kids. Explain the situation to him. He asks you to talk to Koffsky since he knows so many recipes. The reward for each correct answer is 1 diamond. After fulfilling all his requests, he compliments on how much better your cafe looks. She then turns to you for advice. More story details, please, so we can time it with a festival event. Clyde agrees to rent part of Koffsky’s house, despite his reservations about Koffsky’s evil twin brother. Donald readily agrees if it makes the onslaught of phone calls to him stop and gives you the last recipe fragment. His reunion with his parents doesn’t seem to be going great until they catch a whiff of the cinnamon buns that Watson baked. Requirements: Tea with Saffron, Ginseng, Lemon and Honey for Donald, Lassi with Honey, Saffron and Cardamom for Clyde, Canelé with Rose and Cardamom for Cleo, Tapioca Tea with Milk, Vanilla and Cardamom for Watson, Bahraini Coffee with Rose, Cardamom and Saffron for Bill. He only sustained minor injuries, but Emily was surprised that Lucas saved her. Take notice of the surrounding, then find out what's happening to the violinist, and ask why there's only one woman standing. He reveals that he’s bought a lot of gadgets and turned his home into a smart house, complete with Simone, a virtual assistant. He doesn't seem to remember what happened after talk with Koffsky.

Lucas has written an article studying the differences between the two universes, publishing it in Synchrophasotron Fun. Bill and Mary goes to a circus, quarrel, and break up.

To get back at Bill, she went to police and made an official statement against Bill stealing the ring and for hacking the airport database. Unfortunately, things don’t go quite as planned. Treat her and the level is passed. Lower temperature. When you confront Clyde, he accidentally lets it slip that he might have suggested to Simone that the fish needed some more lemon, which he may have helped with a little too much. He asks for an Americano with Saffron and Cardamom to help his aching muscles.

Once he defended a certain waitress, who was attacked in the park. If you have this recipe already, talk to Ron, and then to Cleo, who agrees to date him. She doesn't mind she ended up losing the bet either because, regardless, she's happy for Cleo and said she did an amazing job. New Customer: Olivia Contrary to what Mary likes to believe, Bill doesn't agree with her vision for the wedding. However, her husband works a lot and hasn't been playing any attention to her at all recently.

What's happening in the concert hall.2.

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