Very powerful skill. Ending the skill additionally attacks up to 12 enemies at 710% damage 8 times. 4.

COMBO #3: Plain Charge Drive → Gust Charge Drive Teleport through dangers(like Lotus's p1 lasers) using Scarlet Drive or Grievous Wound while being in air. Releasing the key creates the Fear of the Abyss that annihilates nearby enemies. This skill level automatically syncs with Reviving Ominous Dream, Vivid Dream | Reviving Ominous Dream (Active: Spectral Form) Battle Frenzy can be prioritized later since its mainly used for bossing purposes. LINK SKILL: Damage +1/2% per stack up to 6 times when in combat.

Endless Dream | Endless Ominous Dream (Active: Spectral Form)

Flora Warrior Will is maxed last as most regular bosses doesn’t regularly perform Seduce or inflict negative buffs or if you can defeat them quick enough to avoid them. In normal worlds you only want boss% on your first and attack on your second. Increases consecutive usage of Unstoppable Instinct.

Ark hails from Grandis, and is a part of the High Flora race.

Required Level: MSEA 177 BEST INNER ABILITY: Attack +30, Boss Damage +20%

Weapon skills have cooldown, @billy: It only converts 25% magic attack from armor/accessory and 10% magic attack from weapon into weapon attack based on the Magic Circuit Skill (Ark Beginner Skill), @all: Updated skill and equip based on MSEA v.176 Ark Path, Updated the following Ark medal names (Unofficial → MSEA): During Spectre mode, Ark is not able to use Plain Charge Drive to cancel out the movement animation of the next skill. Level 1: Plain Charge Drive Damage +163%p, Plain Spell Damage +73%p, Scarlet Charge Drive and Fire Damage +83%p, Scarlet Spell Damage +11%p, Gust Charge Drive Damage +108%p, Gust Spell Damage +1%p

Guide Formatting ‎ Nearly all classes automatically have their levels set to 10 after tutorial completion.

Spectre Form – Gains monstrous power from the abyss. Invincible while attacking.

5. Charge Spell’s duration is equal to the Charge Spell Amplification’s remaining duration.



Envelope yourself in a gust of wind from the air to strike down upon enemies.

Spectre Form – Gains monstrous power from the abyss. Strange World: Swamp Region Prepare for the Search 2 Ultimate Stance.

Medal: In the Abyss Micro-manage spell buff (tiny diamonds below Ark’s gauge) to be fully effective. Level 40: Ignore Enemy DEF: +20%, Gust Charge Drive/Insatiable Hunger Boost @all: Added a new video showcasing Maplestory Ark 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Job Skills and Hyper Skills :-). It can be used to move upwards by using the Up directional key. Buff #1 (Ferret | Way): Decreases cooldown by 10% for all skills except those not affected by the Cooldown Reduction effects. Abyss Spell charges up when attacks hit.

Level 1: MP Cost: 100. Level 1: MP Cost: 30. Required Skill: Instinct Arts Training (MAX) Wouldn’t it be better to switch the node trio #6 (Abyss Charge Drive + Unforgettable Dream + Scarlet Charge Drive) to Abyss Charge Drive + Unstoppable Impulse + Gust Charge Drive so that each skill has 3 core slots? 8.

Level 10: STR: +60, Ark 2nd Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything maxed.

Enables you to control Spectral Form. He has the power to freely switch between two states: Flora Form – Combines classic High Flora combat techniques with magic.

Creates a blade of abyssal energy. Devious Nightmare | Released Nightmare

Cannot be sold to NPC, Untradable, One-of-a-Kind, Level 60 – From the Abyss | In the Abyss Cooldown: 4 sec These are Ark’s innate abilities.

1 spell except Plain Spell can be charged.

Up to 5 spells can be charged. Abyss Buff: When Abyss Spell hits, Damage +20%, Damage on Boss Monsters +20%, Ignore DEF +20% for 60 sec Uses the magic enhanced body to attack. Pantheon and Another Dimension Strange World: Henesys 1 Begin using these tips! Level 10: MP Cost: 10. Level 1: HP Cost: 81, MP Cost: 51. Expert Knuckle Mastery (MAX) Level 8: Max HP +20%, Max MP +20%, Damage Absorption +30, Physical Training (Passive) This skill level automatically syncs with Reviving Nightmare, Gust Charge Drive (Active: Flora Form)

Level 20: Attacks up to 8 enemies at 320% damage 7 times. He has the power to freely switch between two states: Flora Form – Combines classic High Flora combat techniques with magic. Flora form or Spectral form). Must constantly maintain buffs up. Knuckle Expert (MAX) No cooldown. I have added them into the pros and cons section. Nice coupling with Spectral Form – Enhance.

Cooldown: 2 sec Just a glossary(and a bit more) for everything maple. 2. Proceed with strengthening your primary skill by maxing Endless Nightmare aka Endless Ominous dream.

Level 1: Attacks up to 12 enemies at 353% damage 12 times. Cooldown: 2 sec

Recovers 1% of Max HP upon hit. Abyss Charge Drive (MAX) If you’re looking for a MapleStory power leveling or training guide, look no further.


Unforgettable Dream = 3 (Level 15 per core x 3 core slots = Level 45)

5. PRIMARY STAT: Strength (STR) 6. 5. Target becomes bound for 10 sec, and the bind duration is increased up to 100% based on the damage dealt to the target. Complete Fusion (MAX) Trio #2: Unstoppable Impulse + Approaching Death + Plain Charge Drive

Increases damage by 1% when activated, 1% additional increase per stack. Basic Charge Drive has no Specter counterparts, hence it only boosts itself.

The fact that Ark uses 8 skills will give you some more room to work with if you're going for an 6 node slots setup like me.

Enhances to Unforgettable Ominous Dream in Spectral Form. Jumps a certain distance.

No cooldown. Cooldown: 180 sec PRIMARY WEAPON: Knuckle (2 handed) Release the key or after the key has been held for maximum amount, Abyssal Guardian activates. 8.

Hold the key after using the skill to maintain the skill while moving for a set period of time. Incredibly Tenacious Instinct | Unstoppable Instinct – Extra Move Strange World: Verne Mine 2 Endless Agony (Active)

@Boi @Ltohack The way that you do that is by using the skill right after using basic/plain charge drive in flora mode or using the skill after ominous/unforgettable nightmare in specter mode. Level 20: Basic Charge Drive Max Targets: +1 Weapon Attack +1, STR +4, DEX +4, Level 60 – Advanced Path Used arrow keys but cant seem to get it to work. Ultimate Stance. 7. Here's what you gain from +1 to all 4th job passives: Assuming use of Decent Combat Orders having +1 all passives will grant you: Knuckle Expert: +1% Mastery, +1 Attack, +1% Critical Damage. Ark’s military training and the incomplete Specter ritual allows him to mix High Flora magic and Specter abilities to unleash devastating combos. It then attacks up to 12 enemies at 110% damage 3 times for 9 sec at set intervals.

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maplestory ark leveling guide

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