The Worm Farming Alliance (WFA) This is all you’ll need. 7 Best Natural (Eco-Friendly) Cat Litters that are Biodegradable in 2020, Okocat Natural Paper Dust Free Cat Litter, Nature’s Logic 100% All-Natural Pine Non-Clumping Cat Litter, Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Pellet Non-Clumping Cat Litter, Next Gen Pet Products Cypress Fresh Natural Odor Control With Green Tea Clumping Cat Litter, Next Gen Pet Products Cypress Fresh Natural Odor Control, Pellet kitty litter is typically dust free, Best Cat Food: Our 2020 Top Rated Healthiest Cat Food Picks, Our 2020 Picks: Best Cat Litter made of Pellets, Also works for rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets, Heavier than some of the other pellet litters, Fibrous materials from walnut shells have high absorbency. Now we’ll dive a litter deeper into which cats may benefit more specifically from using a pellet kitty litter.

Wood pellets are biodegradable and compostable, making them an eco friendly little box solution.

Animal bedding pellets are created from dry sawdust placed under high pressure and high temperatures making them super absorbent. Transitioning your cat to wood pellet litter slowly means giving him an option. You will receive a new password via e-mail.

Kittens, long hair cats and sensitive felines will specifically benefit from using a pellet cat litter. If he ingests clumping litters while doing so, it can create painful gastrointestinal blockages.

What to look out for when switching to a new litter, Our top pick: Cypress Fresh Cat Litter with Green Tea, best sifting litter box for pine pellets here, Cat Litter Composting Guide – How To Compost Cat Litter, it is OK to flush wood pellets in small amounts, the pellets expand when they are exposed to moisture, Development of a Heat Treatment to Enhance The Antimicrobial Properties of Wood Based Mulches and Animal Bedding Materials. Can you use wood pellets for cat litter? You can read more about the effect heat treatment has on wood pellets in this study: Development of a Heat Treatment to Enhance The Antimicrobial Properties of Wood Based Mulches and Animal Bedding Materials. You can buy a 40 lb bag of animal bedding pellets to use as cat litter for a fraction of the cost compared to other suppliers. This could also be a plus though. Odor Shield Technology means that moisture and liquid becomes absorbed in the several layers of paper in Okocat’s pellets, keeping it trapped and bound. I dunno. The cat litter is made from recycled newspapers, so it will still be a win for the environment. Gotta be better than coco coir in a bin. You might want to offer one cat box with the new wood pellets and one cat box with traditional clay litter. I thought it would work good. Don’t forget to wash your hands after handling or cleaning your cat’s litter box, as you don’t want to risk spreading harmful bacteria. Read more about sifting litter boxes for pine pellets here: What Is The Best Litter Box For Pine Pellet Cat Litter? Look out for skin irritations and unusual licking or grooming habits, as well as wheezing sounds or other indications of respiratory problems. lol, Ok, this is how my crazy mind works….I wonder if you could clean the clay and reuse it by adding straw and making it into bricks for compost bins or cob ovens?? This pellet cat litter is low dust and non-tracking, plus it’s flushable for super easy disposal! Pictures, videos, articles and questions featuring and about cats. I am REALLY glad I decided to start up my little pet waste vermicomposting project recently. As you can see in the image, the particular pellets I’m using (perhaps Paul will chime in and let me know if he’s using the same ones) are called “CANAWICK Hardwood Pellets”, created by CANAWICK Ecological Fuels. If your cat has issues with several allergies, paper based pellets may be the way to go. When packaged as horse bedding, some manufacturers don’t detail the wood that has gone into the pellets, simply labeling it as “softwood pellets” (pine, cedar, fir, larch, redwood, etc. I personally refuse to use clay. lol I actually missed a key piece of information Priswell shared about spraying them down with water before use – but it didn’t take me long to figure this out anyway. Wood pellet litter has two kinds: pellets of softwood or hardwood. Feces can be removed from the wood pellets with a litter scoop and flushed down the toilet (CAUTION – Do not flush wood pellets or … Hi Kim, Learn about wood litter and how to use them. Feline Pine Pellet Cat Litter = Horse Bedding Pellets =Softwood Stove Pellets All three are the same thing, often produced at the same wood pellet plant. We use a similar bedding in our horse stalls. If you want to save money on cat litter, that price is pretty hard to beat.These pine pellets are mainly marketed as horse bedding, but it also says on the packaging that it can be used for small animals. Bentley, I’m interested to see if the chick feed clumps when mixed with the sawdust. Find out why you might want to switch to pellet litter and how to do it. So no new trees are cut down in the production of our litter. Allowing your cat to choose which one to use. I’ve tried all 3 and I can’t tell them apart. It offers several of the typical pellet litter benefits; it is dust free, it’s biodegradable and the pellets are hypoallergenic. We also like that pellet litters are generally natural, biodegradable and less messy than granule cat litters. I use the pellets in rabbit litter tray. Different cats will react differently to different materials.

Now, regarding the worms, they don’t like their bedding to be 100% sawdust, but I do add up to about 25% total volume of the pellets because they’re fluffy and make the bed easy to turn. Common types of wood that is used are Pine and Cedar. Add more pellets and you’re set.

Reasons why you might switch include: There are many reasons why you might switch from traditional clay kitty litter to wood pellets. You can buy a 40 lb bag of animal bedding pellets to use as cat litter for a fraction of the cost compared to other suppliers. Strip mining can be bad for the environment. This stuff is amazing at keeping odors down, so amazing, in fact, that i used to forget to clean the tray as often as i should. I’ve been adding some of it to my VB48, and the trays down below, and the Euros seem to really like it! The pellets are most often made from excess wood from the timber industry, or recycled materials. Not all cats like it: Some cats may not want to use it because the texture is different to what they are used to. Compared to a horse, your cat would certainly qualify as a “small animal” – although with a larger than life personality!Anyway, having the company describing this “bedding” as suitable for cats is a nice assurance that it is safe to use as cat litter, without any unwanted additives.Note that these pellets will not crumble as easily as the ones ment for cat litter, since the pellets for bedding are supposed to withstand more pressure. Mine never liked coir either. lol Runner-Up Best Pellet Kitty Litter: The main benefit of Nature’s Logic pine pellet cat litter is its versatility. Did the first day. Animal bedding pellets are an easy switch for regular cat litter.

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hardwood or softwood pellets for cat litter

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