. It was an unusual partnership: The president of the largest Christian university in the world, a school that prohibits gay sex, agreeing to operate a Miami Beach hostel, regarded as gay friendly, in conjunction with a “pool boy” with virtually no hotel management experience after they met at the storied Fontainebleau, a favored South Florida vacation ground for the Falwells. And, no, I don’t hate it only just *conservatives* do it.

BeakerN: I don’t think anyone would care much about this* if it wasn’t for the regime he imposes on others. “all he wanted to talk about was how he would nail his wife, how she couldn’t handle [his penis size], and stuff of that sort,” this former official recalled He was in private practice from 1987 until 2007. Todd,

That would be called poverty shaming in certain circles, and something else in the Gospels. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); At the heart of the scandal is a set of naked photographs that, according to the Herald, are of Falwell’s wife in “various stages of undress.”. The challenge was to time the fuse so it would airburst 2-3 stories up and splatter the windows on those floors with orange pulp. Gauger did not respond to requests for comment. No one…no one…no! It gets me through the day.

No matter how much abuse, no matter how many get hurt, these parasites keep raking it in..tax free. He’d wedge himself between two oppposite walls and climb down the corridor, halfway between floor and ceiling. Nigel: Well don’t point, even. Jesus Christ of Nazareth and Christianity are two separate things.

Becki’s dad is in prison for fraud. “Jerry Falwell Jr’s ongoing behavior is appalling,” Walker, the vice chairman of the powerful House Republican Caucus, wrote on Twitter. Seems like the more disgusting, dirty, and degenerate a “pastor” can be will ensure a huge following these days … of folks who like church leaders no different than they are (it makes them feel better about their own sinful ways).

and he feels elevated and above the rules he enforces on the little people because they are little, and entitles himself to drink what he wants. * I don’t and I think Falwell made a mistake. What was Eve made for anyway? She’s just as twisted as he is his wife clearly is fine with it to they all are freaking weird.

“the general public is a sensible and/or shockable bunch of people.”

Cohen never revealed the name of “the guy” he was referring to, but he does make reference to a “pool boy” in the recorded call. The fact that he runs a university filled with young, earnest and sincere believers is really disgusting. , “How would your faith change if you believed everyone you met had “that of God” inside them? https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Jerry-Falwell-Jr-addresses-yacht-photos-but-15462105.php. Where does one go in this culture/country from there? Probably not. Friend: Oh, Brian, I’m sorry for all of your pain.

Hey guyzh! Friend: So it’s not just the hypocrisy. While completely dedicating ourselves to Liberty, we were also suffering in silence during our personal time together, while simultaneously trying to manage and deal with this increasingly threatening behavior, which only worsened over time. Hey, Liberty U is the “leading Christian University”, or so they think!

Wasn’t it on Netflix? Those photos were of Becki Falwell, the Miami Herald reported weeks later, and, according to Politico, at least one showed her in a French-maid costume. I think he has a problem with drinking, just an observation and that is my own opinion. cheering, body language and gestures were clearly orchestrated. In my youth group and college fellowship, this was not just assumed but constantly taught. Trust me they will retaliate against you and no one including or especially God will not help, or cant help or both. If you have watched TPB. However I had just graduated from the Bible institute that was incredibly strict so LU rules were a walk in the park for me. The board works solely in Junior’s interests, not the students.

Is it much hassle for you to changed the posts here to Todd E? “There was no picture snapped of me at WALL nightclub or any other nightclub,” Falwell wrote. I said, “Hey, Trailer Park Boys” and their eyes list up! I think he has a problem with drinking, just an observation and that is my own opinion. can i come, too? At least one showbiz minister described women as “home of the penis.” Scratch the surface of JP II’s theology of the Body and that’s basically what it says about women’s bodies too. It’s not just evangelicals. Jeffrey Chalmers: Betty Bowers video are REAlLY funny….. As I said above about the secular world, she is roasting big name “Christians”, and she is doing much more “damage” than TWW does…. — — — Afterburne: it’s funny…. brian: World Red Eye published a bunch of photos of Trey (Falwell’s son) and Fawelll partying at the Miami nightclub which you can see at this link. Sorry I know this is spelled incorrect. Cohen was serving a three-year sentence for charges including Trump campaign finance violations.

Going off a PBS show about the history of theater (Roman period) I saw as a kid.

It still does not make sense. GQ may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Church elders allow megachurch “pastors” to slime their way through ministry all the time if they are bringing in lots of nickels and noses (as documented by multiple TWW reports). Same dynamic as a Groupie and her Rock Star? Maybe we are, but as the behavior of these “clowns” becomes more and more public, the lack of “watchmen on the wall” to internally hold these clowns accountable is going to continue to bring down the whole fundamentalist/evangelical complex.

It features a fun cameo of Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson.

Themes often degrade a group that is not in on the “fun.” I’m not sure US students could get away with ridiculing Americans who live in trailers. Muslin, fka Dee Holmes: I asked my brother, the Nascar fanatic, how much being a primary sponsor would cost.

it’s just not true. Did you read the rest of the post? Big name U’s, and Big State U’s Presidentssalaries are in the $ 750,000 range.Hey, Liberty U is the “leading ChristianUniversity”, or so they think! Friend: You do realize you’re wrecking everybody’s mental image of Berkeley, right?

No you’ve seen enough of that one. “Anti-Clack” doesn’t have a very latin sound. I’m sure some of you wise guys are quipping, “So you just discovered this?” Up until this situation that I am about to address, I viewed Falwell as one of those guys who easily mixed politics with faith. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.“.

in 2019, Politico wrote ‘Someone’s Gotta Tell the Freakin’ Truth’: Jerry Falwell’s Aides Break Their Silence: More than two dozen current and former Liberty University officials describe a culture of fear and self-dealing at the largest Christian college in the world.


From personal experience it seriously isn’t worth your life blood fighting this from within the organisation. I looked up Harvest on the web, wanted to McDonald’s name correct, and under “our story” no mention at all of James McDonald!!! A need for control of others? My dorm was one block from “Peoples Park”, which by 1981, was weed filled dump with homeless people.. Patty Hurst was kidnapped only a few blocks away… I can not really speak for the “rest of campus”, but the science and engineering area was focused on scholarship.. (I ask some of my profs, and they said in the height of the riots, they still had class!) Special thanks to Amy Smith, Watchkeep, for the providing by Falwell. In a statement, Falwell denied this. He also has $100 million which allows him to make donations which would leads to making friends. This seems counter the mandate of a non-profit that does not pay taxes (imagine what the property taxes on the campus alone would be).

Muslin, fka Dee Holmes: I’m just wondering what would happen if the state attorney general of Virginia (assuming LU is chartered as a charity in Virginia) were to take a look at LU finances.

How is that worth $120,000 in student debt? mint chocolate chip will makes things difficult, but butter pecan would be a go. He’s dressed as the character Julian.

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