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DualShock 5 Next Generation Gaming Controller for Sony PS5: Controllers are devices used to play games, they communicate with your console and make our experience more realistic in order to play games. A controller is the most promising part when it comes to games.

A high-end console with bad controller results in a bad gaming experience. So, it’s pretty much important to have the best controller for the best console. We already have PS4 with Dualshock 4 both together makes our gaming experience supreme. Now as PS5 is in production, we too need another best controller. Well, don’t worry DualShock 5 is also in development with all new features. Here we are going to talk about specs and features of the upcoming DualShock 5 Controller.

After the advancement in technologies, gamers are also expecting some new experience with their gaming addiction. After the release of ps4, gamers find some relief, but the announcement of the release of PS5 will create new excitement in them. A question like how the new PS5 will be going to be, what are new features, new advancements will be going to surprise the gamers, is Sony PS5 will be going to be the best edition, a question like this will be making every gamer awake. 

Let me try to answer all these questions.

Yes, DualShock 5, is going to be the best edition of Sony PlayStation till now. Let us give a check to the journey of PS5.

DualShock 5

DualShock Controller:

The Dualshock is a line of gamepads with vibration feedback developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation consoles and devices. DualShock’s journey starts from Japan in late 1997 and firstly it was launched in the market of North American market in May 1998. Firstly it was introduced as a secondary peripheral for the original PlayStation, an updated version of the PlayStation console included the controller. The Dualshock controller was given an Emmy Award for “Peripheral Development and Technological Impact of Video Game Controllers” by The National Academy of Television Arts and Science on January 8, 2007.

The above description is just to give all a little brief about Dualshock. I know, this may be a little bit boring, now let us discuss PS5. As we all pronounce PlayStation 5 with PS5, in the same manner, DualShock5 is going to be called as DS5 controller.

The best estimate for the PlayStation 5 release in late 2020. I know this is a long time but the features of PS5 will be going to keep you in excitement. It’s going to be an amazing gaming console with all new features of 4K gaming, fast processor, and new VR features.

dualshock 5 features

The Concept was designed by Gideon Burkland, we might have something similar to this. It has an inbuilt microphone with a touch screen. The design seems pretty promising. Let’s look into what DS5 controller has for us this year.

DualShock 5 Controller: Features and Rumours

The removal of analog sticks

Just imagine, if analog sticks will be removed and replaced by a pair of highly responsive touchpads. Yes, you guessed it right, this feature is going to be added in Sony PS 5. You just have to slide your fingers on a pair of circular pads, which provides as much as sensitivity you wants and enhances your gaming experience. The pads also having a force feedback feature also, so you actually feel like you’re pushing your stick by your fingers.

A speaker and mic

This is very interesting which is based on the concept of voice. Many current generation games already introduced the concept of voice control, but now this feature is also going to available for PS5 also. That means, you and turn your mic up and easily speak like “chat”, “game” or “off”. “Chat” allows you to quickly chat up with your squad and without a headset, “game” could let you issue your voice command to your console or a squad or sports team, and “off” can be self-explained.

Wireless charging

Gone were the days when we have to use cords for charging. Now you can charge your PS5 through wifi without any headaches of using cords. New technologies are really making things easier.

Smart device integration

I know everyone hates when we receive text messages and phone calls while we are playing games. What if, all these notification will be visible on your PS5. Yes, this can be possible, in PS5. You will get all these notification on the screen of your PS5. If you don’t want these notifications you can change its settings later in the settings menu.

dualshock 5, dualshock 5 controller, ps5 controller

But wait, we have some interesting news……..

We have had to so many speculation and rumours about PlayStation 5. And day by day, Everyone is being excited about the release date and price. Till now, we have different console and controller images that have been introduced and we believed that it can be something like this. But now, Tom warren(rugby union player) has tweeted news in his tweet and revealed the Playstation 5 Devkit. and Now rumours seem to be true. Even there are some retailers website who have started registering online. And, as soon as Sony starts selling it they will start notifying them.

DualShock 5 Release date and Price

Sony will release its next gaming console by Q3, 2020 and apparently, the DualShock 5 will also launch with it. Talking about its price, the controller will cost you around $99 USD. The price is not revealed until now. But based on the reports and data it may come at a competitive price for gamers. The price list for DualShock 5 is listed below.

Country Name  DualShock 5Price 
In USA $99 USD
In India 6500 INR
In Canada $132 CAD
In the United Kingdom 92 Euro
In Australia $128 AUD

Note: The above list price of DualShock 5 is just based on the reports and present rumours. It will cost you around 100 bucks. We are going to update this price table as soon as Sony announces its PlayStation 5 gaming console.

DualShock 4 Review:

Let’s take a look on previously launched Dual Shock 4 here.

Check Price on Amazon
Review from Amazon:

In the last, I will only say that technology gifted us something great in the form of PS5. It is going to be one of the best PlayStation every.

In the last, I will only say that technology gifted us something great in the form of PS5. It is going to best PlayStation controller ever. This is blog is truly dedicated to PS5 and Gamers from all over the world. So, do give us your suggestions so that we can focus on different areas of improvement.

You all can share your views or by commenting below. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

DualShock 5: PS5 Controller Release date, Price and Features

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