Today we will be comparing Sony PS5 and Xbox X. There are many features that both of them can compete with, along with some of them that each model has the upper hand over the next. Stay tuned so that we can give you the best points of the console.

ps5 vs xbox

Specs and Features


The console has an AMD processor that is eight-core. It also contains a powerful SSD for storing games and other data. Moreover, it is backwards compatible with PS4 games and PSVR software. There is also audio in it. Lastly, it supports 8K TV, so you get to play the games in the highest video definition possible.


The GPU processor has ray tracing ability that is a great technique that allows gaming visuals to the next level. It is a great technique that is only used in Hollywood and makes sure that that you get the latest level of visual graphics.

specs and features

The 8K TV has more visual details compared to PS4 pro that only has 4K HD visible information. The games load fast as there is SSD as well. It runs the games 19 times more quickly compared to its predecessor. You will know the difference when you play both consoles side to side.


Xbox One X- 

It is the most powerful console that you can buy, and the GPU is eight times faster than the Xbox One, which means it is swift. The CPU is also strong, and it is more durable than older consoles. It also runs quietly. Not all the official details are out yet, but this is one hell of a booming baby when it launches.


Release Date of PS5 and Xbox One X


PS5 release date

After many late rumours,Sony has stated that they will launch PS5 at the end of 2020, as an excellent Christmas date. There were rumours that PS5 might be released in April 2020, but after that Sony killed the stories that stated that it would be released at the end of 2020.

ps5 vs xbox release date

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X will be released on the holiday season of 2020, but the real date has yet to be confirmed.


Backwards Compatibility


This powerful console is supposed to be backwards compatible with PS4 games, which means that you can still load your current PS4 games on the PS5.


However, it is not clear which games are included for the backwards compatible list, or it only includes certain games. The guess is that most PS4 titles will be fit for the PS5 game list, but some older games will not be in this list.


There is a report stating that the PS5 can run older PS1, Ps2 and PS3 games as an emulator, but all these are yet to be confirmed as well.

Xbox One X

The console supposedly supports all backwards compatible games, from Xbox 360 up to Xbox One. Ladies and gentlemen, you will be able to play all your favourite games, whether they are old or new. It is an excellent addition to the more modern Xbox One X games.



Sony will now move from hard drives to SSD drives. There is no news on how big the PS5 storage capacity will be, but we make sure that is has a higher bandwidth if compared to the local computers. This means the PS5 games will load faster, smoother, despite being a more significant game hard disk. PS5 games will still load faster than PS4 games. 

ps5 vs xbox storage


The SSD drive of the PS5 allows you to play the game the way you install it. If you only want to install a specific part of the game, then you can install it so that you can play it fast. You can load the game in some aspects from the dashboard and make a move whether you play it from an online mode, multiplayer mode or single-player mode. You can challenge a friend for an online battle instead of going through the entire game. You can see the rewards from playing certain parts of the game and other activities from other players as well.


The Xbox Series also has an SSD drive. It is plentiful, but the size is yet to be confirmed. However, during a conference, the company stated that it would load faster and smoother. Because Xbox One X has a 1 TB of hard drive, the newer model should come with a larger capacity. Perhaps 2TB, but it is yet to be confirmed.



PlayStation 5

There is news that Sony will focus on having its Playstation Now subscriptions for most of the current players. As these are cloud technologies, the company is giving a boost to Playstation Now. The platform is still not complete, and there have been lagging problems to those that tried to access it, and it goes offline now and then.

Sony is going to go into 5G technology where players can play with Remote Play. With Remote Play, players can use other devices to play games on PS5, like iPad or the android phone or even PS Vita. These all come in a package in a new platform.

This special package includes linking up players to Alexa voice assistant. Sony can provide hints on how to play the games when you are playing it. This helps when you wish that you could get a Youtube walkthrough or a cheat code on google.

Xbox One X

There are many games that Xbox is trying to launch, and Microsoft has stated 70 titles on the enhancements of the game. That is a long list, and since they put so much effort into it, why not grab one when it launches? It is comparable to PlayStation 5, so in the end, it depends what aspect you are looking for.


Final Verdict

It depends on what games you usually play before you pick the console when it comes on PS5 and Xbox X. It also depends on the budget that you have, despite no official price launched yet. Make sure to save up to get your hands on either one when holiday season 2020 comes along! 


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