Sony PlayStation PS 5 Price and Release date

Sony PlayStation PS 5 Price and Release date: The one thing that runs in the veins of good boys and bad boys by the same token is gaming. Girls and gaming are the two things that guys want frantically. While girls might still be dumped gaming is hailed by almost every guy since childhood, apologies to the 0.01% club. Sony has been the most out-and-out brand that brought PlayStation in markets about twenty years ago. Since then gaming has got a new synonym Playstation! Playstation is the leading game console that is a video game device that connects to a TV.

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The buzz in the tech savvy arena is about the Playstation 5 that is soon going to be launched by Sony. PS5 is going to bring some stupendous and matchless gaming experiences for the gaming enthusiasts. It has not been revealed yet as to what are the miraculous specs of PS5 but Sony has got its very much deserved buzz.

A little Impression of PS 4 – Playstation 4

Playstation 5

For knowing about what’s coming up is way better, one should have an idea of what has gone!

So here are facts of PS 4 every Gaming Geek has already by heart:
1. PS 4 was the slimmest console gaming and had the PS 4 Pro that was launched a little later

2. The virtual reality experience was of the sort never that was never felt before. The Resident Evil game made Playstation 4 even popular.

3. People opted for the slimmer and cheaper version of PS4 rather than PS4 Pro that brought the hardware sale downstairs.

4. PS 4 had a memory of 8 GB and a storage size of 1 TB and weighed around 3.3 kg. With a custom chip single processor with a Jaguar 8 core and a SuperSpeed USB PS 4 was the fastest gaming console to date.

PS 4 has been crowned as the best Playstation ever that has hiked the Sony sales to more than before by 15.5%. The game has been shipped in higher numbers in every consequent holiday season. Makes adrenaline rush even more for what would happen when Playstation 5 sweeps the market!

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Sony PlayStation 5: RAM and Memory

The Sony PS5 cannot do anything other than getting a double internal memory space to live up to the expectations people have with a new gaming console. It is expected that the Playstation 5 will have a double memory space than PS 4 that will be 16 GB and on board, the memory will be quadrupled to a massive 4 TB.

PS 5 Release date

PlayStation 5 Specs

There is a lot of novelty technology coming up which will certainly be nothing once Sony PS 5 floors the market. However, it is expected that PS5 might make use of new gaming experiences like Non-Volatile stackable 3 DX Point or optical waveguide technology or even a 3D stacked memory which will not only be better than the best but also curate any shortcomings of previous gaming consoles released by Sony.

PlayStation PS5 release date

Playstation 5 has got the bar raised to a very high level to be better than PS 4 and Sony has been very watchful. The PlayStation 5 Release date is yet to be announced probably will come as a bolt from the blue to drive you all crazy. Playstation 5 release date is expected to be way far now as Sony aims to reach a sale of 20 million PS 4 from the current 19.7 million statistics. So the release date will at least be a year ahead and somewhere around in 2019. It is difficult to be foretelling about Sony as they can just stun you by anything out of the box.

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PlayStation PS5 Price

The expected Sony PS5 Price will be anything above a pocket buster $499 USD when it is launched but just like every tech gadget, they will gradually be lowered down. Who cares about money when it is the best gaming in the universe? Playstation 5 price is indeed going to be in the expensive range but it will be worth it!!

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Back in 2014, Sony has launched its PS4 at a price of $399 but now things have been changed drastically and PS5 has got many new features. PlayStation 5 price is going to increase this time. We are looking forward to updating you with PS5 price here. Currently, we are setting up at an expected price of $399 – $499 for upcoming Sony PS5.

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Keep your enthusiasm for PS 5 fueled for two years!

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