Sony PS5 – Release date, Price, Specs, Features and Rumors

Sony PS5 Intro:
Everything that a PS 5 fan is looking for eg. PS5 release date, price, specifications, and Concepts is here. This blog is specially dedicated for PlayStation 5 fans. It’s going to be amazing gaming console and specially designed for future games. At the end of this page, we have the comment section for our readers, you can share your thoughts and points so that we can create an amazing platform for PS5 gamers.

Game lovers can’t hold their excitement for the PS5 Release. From video games to the next generation consoles boys have always been craving the desire to race every game. And the ladies who have come here too you need to be crowned for your zeal.

No matter you even if you’ve read a dozen of articles saying that the release of PlayStation 5 is two years ahead yet you might be hoping to at least get a glimpse of the PS5 Gaming console. Some of you search that every time you surf the net.

So here we are to curb your hunger for knowing the features of Sony PS5 Specs, Graphics, OS, Hard Drive, Sony Playstation 5 Release date, Sony PS 5 Price and indeed all the myths about Sony PS 5.

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Playstation 5 is much-anticipated gaming console as the previous sibling PS4 Pro was not much welcome despite being one of the slimmest gaming devices. Sony Playstation 5 has to outdo the drop in hardware sales after the flooring of Sony Playstation 4 Pro. And the other pinball in the court of Sony is that PS 4 has been the number one gaming console ever. Around over 19.7 million PS 4 were sold and the company aims to sell more till the target of 20 million is reached. PS5 Gaming Console is thus getting the limelight even before the official release date and other specifications have been announced.

Sony PS5 – Release date, Price, Specs, Features and Rumors

PS 5 Release date

Sony PS5 Rumors and features

There are endless rumors about the PS 5 gaming console just like the controversies associated with a rising star:

1. The release date of Sony PS 5 could be in 2018.

This is the most baseless rumor as the company has no such intentions and plans. Rather the experts and marketing heads at Sony have confirmed that the company still awaits the time when the Sony PS 4 will get more than 20 million sales. Only after that, they will move on to thinking about PS 5.

2. PS 5 is going to be a similar gaming console like PS 4 PRO.

No certainly not. A company who has suffered a downfall in hardware sales due to a version of PS 4 won’t repeat the mistake.

And also Sony is known for taking its customers head over heels so how can it be even close to something you’ve already seen? Be prepared for experiencing the unimaginable.

3. Song PS 5 is going to be super expensive.

No nothing can be said yet. There are many reasons to support the fact that this is only a rumor supposedly spread by the rival groups. The PS 5 doesn’t seem to have been made of diamonds so let the crown of being the most expensive gaming console be hailed by others. PS5 Price would be certainly be an outstanding gaming console but not an out of budget gadget.

Playstation 5, PS5, Sony PS5

Sony PS5 Specs: CPU, Graphics, OS, Hard Drive

All these Sony PS 5 specifications have yet to be officially announced but our experts have made these predictions after careful study of the trends set by Sony in past.

Here are some quick bites about Sony PS5 Specs – CPU, Graphics, OS, Hard Drive:

1. Playstation 5 Graphic will have be 4K UHD.

By 2020 if something comes out of the blue then that is a different story otherwise PS 5 gaming console is going along with this. But currently it is predicted that Playstation 5 will have a high resolution of 4K. This technology has just emerged and is expected to be the biggest rival for coming 4 – 5 years.

2. Playstation 5 will not be a flat screen instead will have a hologram projection.

This means that the things you see on screen won’t be shown on a 2 D or even a 3 D interface and instead they will be projected as models outside the box and will stand right in front you.. Experts say that there are chances that Sony PS 5 will allow you to interact and instruct these holographic visions to follow your commands.

3. Playstation 5 will no longer be limited to the gaming console and instead bring along the concept of Gaming environment.

This means that PS 5 will not feel like a game being played in front of you instead you will be inside the game! Confused? The entire room or whatever you play in will be converted into a different land using graphic projections and sensors. This also hints that the power drawn and needed by the system will be at a higher notch than the previous gaming consoles like PS 4.

4. Playstation 5 will have a combination of television display and visual reality eye gears.

PS 5 will not be limited by any boundaries. It will have so many options that you’ll get tired of trying. Playstation 5 will have a head gear that will create a vision so spectacular that you’ll nothing but mistake it for real. But for the times when you want to enjoy gaming with family, friends or bae then you can switch to the television mode to. It will be using the Quantam Dot Technology.

5. Sony PS 5 will have a controller much like the PS 4 controller.

The reason why Sony PS 4 PRO couldn’t make through can’t be much blamed on the device itself. Sony PS 4 has been such a bang on that there was hardly any scope for improving the controller. And people’s expectations were soaring tearing the sky off. So even now because Sony PS 4 controller has been so classic we expect that Sony either will awe us or get a very similar version of the controller for PS 5. The dual shock PS 5 controller is going to be improvised to go beyond perfection. The issues with the loss of sense of movement in PS 4 controller will be corrected to give you the best of gaming control.

6. The hard drive of PS 5 will have more than 100 Giga bytes space and will certainly be a better version of the technology.

In the age Blue Ray technology you must be thinking that this is it! But tech is the only arena where this is it won’t ever happen. The PS 5 hard drive will have the refurbished technology to prevent the streaming issues. And also to prevent the loss of sensor control once the radar loses the support system access.

7. The PS 5 security and Privacy parameters will be re-evaluated and made to the best of perfection.

This is the biggest issue though it rarely is a problem for such high-end company is because their marvel is inimitable. Nevertheless, Sony is working on improving everything about the previous gaming consoles ever released to bring out the best for Playstation 5. There might be biometric and other kinds of virtual safety software coming up.

8. Sony Playstation 5 will allow sharing and other online gaming options that started from Playstation 2.0.

As discussed below these sections PS 5 is going to be the future of online gaming. This is because of obviousness about the increasing impact of social media and social networking. Sharing gets more audience and ofcourse it is more fun to be able to play together while you are located far off. It is like connecting with the world while you stay in your comfortable seclusion.

9. Playstation 5 will come with a unified Operating System (Sony PS 5 OS) being introduced by Sony.

Sony has been working on creating a universal portal for all their devices for long and probably that is another reason why they might want to delay the release of PS 5. So the PS 5 will come in the market along with the Unified OS by Sony. This will serve you the easy access to everything in a single place that would be cloud storage. You will be able to connect laptops, smart phones, tablets and your Playstation without any hassle. And guess what you will even be able to play using Playstation 5 and mobile phones! Gaming on the go!

10. Playstation 5 GPU, CPU, RAM, memory etc. will all be beyond the bar set by any gaming console yet.

PS5 internal memory will be double of the previous gaming consoles and around 16 GB. The Playstation 5 RAM will have 3 D Stacked Technology and 3D X point memory. Both of them are infant technologies and will see an exponential development when they come up with PS 5.

PS5 Specs, Sony PS 5, Playstation 5

Sony Playstation 5 Release date

This is like asking when will I find the love of my life. One cannot and shouldn’t make a vague prediction. Especially tech savvy people don’t like fluff. Gaming’s first rule is we don’t talk about gaming, we do it. I can see the smirking smile!

Sony has not made any official announcements regarding their Playstation 5 Release Date. They are still focusing and strategising their marketing and other things about the Sony PS 4 and have not even declared the furthest visions of PS 5. So if you only want to rely on official talks then you will be disappointed to know that there has been no revelation made yet.

In fact one of the marketing head sources did mention that not until a specific target is achieved for the sale of the biggest blockbuster gaming console ever they won’t even bother to think of PS 5. But you never know these tycoons their strategies and business secrets are beyond FBI secrets.

Looking at the general pattern of releases of Playstations by Sony since the time they first came in the market a far assumption can be chalked out around 2019 – 2020.

We will update you as soon as the official dates are confirmed.

Sony PS5 Price

Sony Playstation 4 saw an increasing sale after every holiday season since the time it was released. This was so because for any gadget the market value goes declining as newer versions come up. As the gadget ages in terms of its market introduction so does the price gets cheaper.

Even after all that Sony PS5 continues to be the best selling gaming console by Sony. It gave the sales and profits a hike by 15.5% in total,

So there are chances that the Sony PlayStation 5 will not be a pocket buster. This is because they might want to overcome the drop in hardware sales due to the second modification of Sony PS 4 the Sony PS4 PRO.

Whatever be the case one thing is for sure that the prices will drop faster because after the amazing Sony PS 4 people won’t be able to handle their excitement and desperation to check out PS 5!

Future for Online Gaming – Sony PS 5

 >> Sony PS5 itself is the future of online gaming. <<

Resident Evil was the most popular game with Sony PS 4. Sony PS PRO came as a little shocker and hence showcased the fact that hard drive is no longer swag. Hence there are chances that the Sony PS 5 will be a cloud gaming. As already explained a lot about it I won’t drag on the same story. Meanwhile check out 10 most amazing hacks of PS4 below:

Keep your fire ignited and yet stay cool till you get the first official announcement about the sensation and buzz of gaming arena – Sony PS 5! We will keep you updated like we’ve always been!

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